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how many solid feeds? Lock Rss

hi, my little man is just about 5 months and has been having solids since he was 13 weeks. First just in the mornings and from 16 weeks morning and night. I am just wondering when i should introduce a lunch time solid and if anyone else is doing this at 5 months. He is taking 180 - 200 mls from each bottle, 5 feeds per day.

pam,nsw, 13 months and 4 yo

Hi Pam,

I am not sure of the correct answer here or even if there is one but my bub is 6.5 months old at at the moment his day feeds look like this :

7am - bottle 220ml
8am - solids banana cereal and puree apple or pear
11am - bottle 220ml
1pm - solids veg puree and apple mango puree
3pm - bottle 220ml
5pm - solids chicken, veg and rice puree and banana porridge
6 - 630 - bottle 220ml

The meal types vary but he usually eats about 3/4 of a jar at each meal time.
Considering your bub is 5 months what your doing sounds great. With 5 bottles he probably doesnt need the lunch time solids at the moment maybe wait till around 6-7 months or if you plan on dropping a bottle??

He sounds like he is pretty happy with whats happening at the moment so keep going with it smile

Hi Pam
My bub is 5 1/2months (but he was 2 months premmie so really 3 1/2months) Anyway he has been on solids since 4 months and not untill yeaterday did i try him on lunch. I only gave him 1 ice cube of carrot and he seemed to enjoy it however he also seemed a little confused after it as he didnt know if he was going to bed or still able to play, hope that makes sense. kade has a dream feed at 10.30pm and 3 weeks ago stopped waking for an early morning feed but he is still waking during the night sad to be comforted. My day is a s follows in terms of feeding
7am 240mls bottle
8am breakfast
11am 240mls bottle
12pm lunch
3pm 240mls bottle
5 or 5.20pm(depending if he has a nap) dinner
6pm bath
6.20pm 240mls bottle
10.30pm 240mls bottle

hope i have helped

Kylie NSW, Kade 17 months

Hi pam I introduce solids when my daughter was 6 months old and in the beginning she had breakfast and than later on had lunch time and she was 7 months old when started to have lunch time and she loves her food.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Hey mikeys mum, glad u asked this question as I was wondering the exact same thing my lil one is 5 months and has 5 200ml bottles a day 1/2 a jar for breakfast and 1/2 a jar for dinner and am thinking of starting her an lunches soon too. Think you just need to offer it too them and if they seem hungry enough to eat it, surely there isnt anything wrong with that. I was really worried about how much weight she had out on as she has always been a VERY good eater 8.5kgs now!. But i suppose they are at that age where they are trying to move around and burn off that food so that extra feed during the day could help give them some energy. Good luck with it!

mel, gold coast, 10mth DD

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