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when can i stop boiling water for bottles/ drinks etc? Lock Rss

Hi just wondering if someone can tell me when i can stop boiling water for bottles/ drinks etc?
I did at around 13 months, but I guess u could just stop when u think its ok.
thanks so much for your reply cazaj!
My son is 11 months now, he drinks filtered water but I still boil water for his formula, the big warnings on the containers make me paranoid.
I seem to remember the recommended time being 12 months..same as you don't have to sterilise their bottles after that time either

i was told 1 year for boiled water but once they start full on crawling not to botter sterilising bottles cos they pick up plenty of germs off floor
my son is 10 months old and i boil his water for most of the time but i give him a bottle of tank water a day
Ashlyn is 15 months old and I still boil her drinking water! Well I myself have always had boiled water to drink, so that's pretty normal in our household. And I still sterilize her bottles.

i was told by a CHN to not bother boiling anymore at around 7 months. i kept doing it as we were on bore/tank water but withing a week of being on town water (about 7.5months) i stopped and never looked back. she's never had a problem. i stopped sterilising her sippy cup around then too.
I stopped at 7 mths for both my DS as this was when they both started crawling and putting everything they could find in their mouths. Reality check time came for me when my first DS was 7 mths and I turned around to find him sucking on the dogs foot. "So why exactly am I sterilizing everything" LOL

Take Care Gem, Mannix and Colton

I dont sterilize anything anymore... When i gave birth at the hospital they said its not a common thing anymor eto just wash with warm soapy water and put into a container..
So thats what i do.. Although i alwasy kept his dummy clean if it dropped.... common seance stuff lol...

But as for boiled water i stop around the 12 month mark when they are weening onto cows milk...
I have always sterilised my daughters bottles, plastic feeding spoons, dummies etc, because even though they will pick up germs etc whilst crawling, why take the chance of not sterilising?? I also boil my daughters drinking water/formula water for 5 minutes once it gets to boiling point, I'm not taking the chance of just using filtered water. I don't mind doing the sterilising/boiling water routine, I've been doing it for almost 11 months so I'm used to it and it only takes a few minutes out of my time anyway.

its up to the individual I guess, but I wont take any chance of something tainting bubs water. I'll probably keep doing it for a few more years to come.

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