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Ok guys, time for another question from me.

My 6mth old is on solids as well as formula , has been for about a month now, but i'm worried i'm overfeeding him.
The suggestion is that i should give him 2-3 solids a day with a 240ml bottle.

He's having solids 4 times a day.About 3 heaped dessert spoons of carrot/chicken, or apples, or pears, or pumkin/chicken, with about 150ml of formula, because he was leaving most of it otherwise.
If i don't give him "real" food at every meal, he seems to wake up hungry in between.

Have i missed something???
Is the formula more important than the solids???

This morning at 6.45 i only gave him half the solids and 240mls of milk and i'm waiting to see what happens he's asleep atm.

A few ideas would be welcomed....


new mum

Hi Susan,
I'm no expert on the amount of solids you are supposed to be giving at 6 months but I do understand that they are supposed to be getting most of their nutrition from the formula so you may have to change something.

Are you giving the bottle BEFORE the solids. I would recommend this approach, you are supposed to be giving solids between feeds, this way they are not getting their "fill" from the solid foods.

Given that you started at 5 months I don't know if that changes anything but it may help to chat to you MC&H nurse???

I'm having the opposite problem!!!!

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