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hey i havent started solids yet have another 2months to go but kayla has been eating rice cereal and is doing really well, so maybe i can start it early.
anyway im just wondering how people cook their vegetables when making their son or daughters food? (steam or boil) because i heard that one way keeps more nutritions and vitamins in more then the other way? and does it really matter?


Kayla Elizabeth (10/1/06) Mummy''''s Angel

ummmm, as far as I knew rice cereal is considered as solids. Usually you would wait until bubs is at least 4 mths before starting on solids(including rice cereal), and the recomended age at the moment is 6 mths.

I cook my vegies by steaming in the microwave and I also do boil up batches of vegies on the stove.
Steaming is apparantly better for keeping nutrient values.
If i do stuff on the stove I can add pasta or rice to the vegies to make up a bit of meal for them.
But when my boys 1st started on veg I mainly steamed in the microwave as I was doing smaller quantities of veg.
One thing that can happen with rice ceral being used a lot is that it can cause a bit of constipation.
So start with a bit of veg in the cereal and when bubs is ready for new taste sensations stop using the rice cereal and just give straight veg and fruit.
Good luck! It sure can get messy, but lots of fun!!


I steam my sons food as it does keep the nutrients in the food better than boiling, i'm not sure whether it really matters or not its just what you feel you want to do.

Donna & Fraser (5 mnths)
honestly you start bubs on solids when you are ready and when you think she is ready. i used to steam vegies like carrot brocolli and stuff but potato and sweet potato and pumpkin i just boiled so i could use the water to make it runner. i think they are about the same but what ever way you feel easier doing so so than you enjoy it.
hope that helps
Hi preggies when I first started my daughter on vegetables I would steam them but not for to long so the nutritions would be still in them and than drain the water out but leave a small amount of water in so I can mix that into the blender with the vegies and meat, blend all the vegies together and add some chicken stock to give it some favour for your baby and also to help it to blend together and when it was a smooth look than I would put it into ice cubes and in a tight bag and put into the frezzer and remove it from the ice cubes and put it into a container and leave it in the frezzer til I needed the vegies.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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