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Dinner disasters Lock Rss

Hi everyone
Just recently my almost 10 month old DS has started playing up at dinner time. He has a chair (with tray)that straps to one of our dining chairs and he refuses to sit in it - as he locks his legs up - this only happens at dinner - he has breakfast and lunch in the same chair - no problems.

He has also become really fussy with what he eats at dinner aswell (no problems brekkie and lunch either)last night he ate (with his fingers) off DP plate - pieces of steamed vegies but refused to eat his own slightly mashed vegies.
Tonight I prepared pieces of steamed vegies for him and he refused that - I even let him use his fingers and also tried helping him use the spoon. He cracked because he was in his chair so I let him out AND THEN he ate a bowl full of spaghetti bolagnaise whilst walking around doing his own thing and returning to me whenever he wanted another spoonful!
Help greatly appreciated from anyone who has had similar goings on

Rachel, QLD mum of Zaki 21 months

DD has had a few weird nights, similar to what you described. Last night I fed her earlier and it worked a charm. I've basically shifted her night time routine forward about 45-60 minutes. I only mentioned that as even the foods DD loves, she cracked the **** at. She sits in her chair, closes her mouth and shakes her head and arms (waving them in the air). We tried a few things and then decided on bringing her routine earlier. I think she is just getting tired earlier as so much more active now. Who konws - in a few weeks she'll up and change again - lol.

Best of luck.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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