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Hi all
Just wondering which type you all use. Ive just started formula with my 14wk DD who just didnt want the nipple anymore no matter how hard I try to continue it with her.
Im using Nan gold at the moment.
And just another question should I be concern tht she only drinks small amounts at feed times eg 90mls,50mls never the recommended amount of 180/200 mls.
Regarding the amount: the important quantity is the total amount she takes per day (over 24 hours). I had my boy on a 4hourly feeding schedule from 4 weeks (makes life easier because you know when they are hungry). The amounts would vary from one feed to another, but the total per day stayed constant over weeks (until the next growth spurt, usually...). In short: if you feed her often, the individual amounts will be smaller.

I don't remember the exact amount per day he had at 14 weeks old, but I know that we always had less then indicated on the formula tin. If the baby seems content, she should be getting enough.

I used the Guardians Pharmacies branded formula, by the way. Pretty cheap, never any problems.
My DD is 17wks corrected age and she had never reached the recommended amount on the tin. It is just a guide anyway. The hospital/CHN told me that a guide is 150mL/kg/day and she never gets that much either!!! But she is healthy and happy and growing quite well. She is on the Nan HA Gold which I found to be really good (when she started formula feeding she had S26 Gold - but in my opinion the Nan is much better) I keep a diary with how much she has each bottle and total it up for each day - she never has the same amount and varies from about 50 to 170mL per bottle depending on how hungry she is (she has 5 feeds which I have to time because she sleeps all night and can't drop down to 4 feeds)
I know it is scary when they don't drink the "recommended" amount, but just remember - it is only a guideline anyway. As long as your little girl is happy, peeing and pooping regularly and gaining weight you don't really have to worry.
Good luck and I hope this has been helpful!
I started with the Nan (not gold just normal) but bub is lactose intolerant so as I have started to wean totally from breast to bottle I have had to change him over to a lactose free one (S26) but I would use Nan over the other brands personally as my two other children had that as well. As pp said don't worry about the amount. Interesting I have never actually tallied what my DS has in a day he still has a couple of breast feeds so hard to track those... lol! However he normally has at least what the can says he should and sometimes he finishes one bottle and has some of a 2nd bottle. I was always told they should leave a bit of milk in the bottle at the end of a feed and if they are emptying the bottle regularly move up to the next feed amount. If bub is well then she will eat when hungry and won't when she's not.
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