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Avocado on a daily basis? Lock Rss


I have 9 months old daughter and she loves eating avocado and cottage/ricotta cheese at almost every solid meal time. I prepare for her cereals with fruit or vegi meals but she refuses and would only eat avocado and cheese?

Is it OK for baby to eat avocado on a daily basis since it is high in fat and calories??

Thanks in advance,

Maria mum to Sara 9 months old
Hi Maria,
My chn told me that avocado can cause constipation, don't know if you have had any problems with that or not?
I have found the best way to get my Bub to eat different things in the beginning was to mix it with something he loved, when he started on solids he would only eat pumpkin so i just started mixing a little of something else with the pumpkin then slowly increased it until he was fine with it. Babies like food that is familiar, has your baby ever eaten other foods?
I think try mixing some vegies in with the avacado and cheese same with fruit just add small amounts then increase it then you should be able to try giving it without the ava and cheese.
let me know how you go.

mum to two gorgeous guys

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