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Want to make my own baby food but don't know where to begin! Help! Lock Rss

Hi all,

As my subject states, I want to start making my own baby food and freezing/storing it but I don't know what to start with, how to do it etc!

I have a 6 month old and he started off having Farex rice cereal and then I moved on to jars of vanilla custard and currently he is having puree banana & apple which he loves. I also top him up with formula afterwards as well.

Is it bad to give him jars of food from the supermarket?

Anyway, I feel like I need to branch out and try more things but I'm quite nervous about what to try. Any suggesions for a first time mum out of her depth??

I'm not a great cook either which is probably another reason why I am scared to try new things.

Can anyone help me?? Any responses would be appreciated!!
Making homemade baby food is really easy - I would have a go! It's cheaper, healthier and makes the transition to the family meals easier. You can always have the jars ready for emergencies or days out.

I would start with "sweet" vegetables like carots, pumpkin or sweet potatoe and fruit like pear and apple. Steam them or cook them (steaming is better for the vitamins) until pretty soft, the puree them (from 8-9 months mashing with a fork is enough). Fill the whole mush into a ice cube tray and freeze it.

Every time you want to give him some solids, simply defreeze one o more cubes and add some formula to make it a bit thinner (after a month or so you can use milk). Meal is ready in 30 seconds!

A great book about baby food is Annabel Karmel's "New Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner". Or you can use the lists on the huggies website (link here

Please take into account that you should only try new food every 3 days. So after trying pumpkin wait 3 days before doing some apple.

Send me a message if you have any problems - I'm happy to help. I can even scan some pages of Annabel Karmel's book if you want.
I recently made the transition to home made baby food myself and had reservations aswell as i am a first time mum too.

TinaV made some awesome points i think. What i did was whatever vegies we were having I peeled or prepared some extra and just boiled them in water on stove. Pureed them in the blender or with handblender stick thing and used some of the water from the pot if they were a bit thick...

There are great baby trays for sale in most places that sell baby food they're cubes and come in a pack of eight. My little man loves home made fruit too. His particular favourtie is mashed avocade (when its not too dear) and banana together.

hi, I didn't cook alot for dd1, but then she took a while to be an eater. Dd2 will eat most of what we give her. Usally they don't recommend custard until your giving it as a dessert if at all. But in saying that fruit and custard can be a great snack or dessert if they love their food.

So far dd2 has had home cooked- chicken, carrot and potato (ask if you want an idea of how to do it), yoghurt I brought Jalna Vanilla as it's full of good bacteria and the whole family can eat it, and not to much sugar. Pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot, potato, apple and pear. I've pureed up some tinned apricots just made sure they were in juice not syrup, and I drained the juice well. She likes pumpkin by itself. Sweet potato, carrot and potato together. Peas and carrot. I just put some frozen peas in a dish with some water and microwaved them and then added the pureed carrot and mashed together.

Dd2 is eat quite lumpy food and started having lumps before 6 months. She is teething and enjoys "chewing" with her gums. The best advice is to keep things simple to start with. That's all babies need. And if you feel they're ready to try lumps or finger food, go for it but always supervise, and do it in the high chair.
Thankyou for much for your comments TinaV!

So, I should just steam some vegetables and then when they are reasonably soft, I can chuck them in the blender and puree them? Does it matter the kind of vegetables I combine together?? Are there any that really should not go together?

Can you buy particular ice cube trays for baby food (like ones that have a cover or something so the food isn't exposed in the freezer) or should I just use your normal day to day ice cube trays?

When I am ready to use them, do I just pop a couple out and let them defrost on their own or can I put them in the microwave to hurry the process up??

I'm so sorry for my million questions but I just want to know exactly what I am doing before I get started. I'm a very organised person and just want to get it right! smile

I look forward to hearing back from you. Thankyou again so much for taking the time to give me your thoughts smile
hey there.. i made all my own food for my DD's. It's a lot cheaper than buying it.
One thing to remember is to not introduce more than 1 'new' food at a time, so if your going to introduce sometimes thats new to your bubs either try it on it's own or mix it with something familiar, in case of allergies.

You can freeze the food in a normal ice cube tray and cover it tightly with plastic wrap. It will keep for a month in the freezer.

I defrosted mine in the microwave most of the
Some good combinations are carrot and broccoli, sweet potato and pumpkin, carrot and spinach, pumpkin and squash, apple and avocado (dont freeze avocado) apple and pear.
Other fruits you can give, rockmelon, watermelon etc.

Hi ya just to let you know you do not need to be a great cook to cook for your wee one i'm a terrible cook but my wee man loves his food and i've never been so organised in my life the freezer is full of food for him that will last the next month. The book that TineV suggested is great and there is alot of other books out there. I use a normal ice cub tray cover with glad wrap then when frozen empty into a snaplock bag and label, i put the date on it so i do not freeze it for to long,and to tell you the truth i just went for it i did not bother with the three day thing or just serving one vegetable at a time although this is a personel choice. All veg go together and stews are great with all meats, my wee man had his first steak and kidney stew and liver stew and believe it or not he loved it. microwave, cook in pan or let them defrost whatever works for you. My boy is now about to turn 9 months
I hope i have helped
Thankyou so much. All the feedback I have received has been fantastic and I am feeling much more confident to give things a go.

Thankyou everyone! smile
I found the Women's Weekly cookbook "Fresh Food for Babies & Toddlers" less daunting then Annabel Karmel's book when I was first starting out. It includes the approx time it takes to cook the fruit and vegies and also has some good combinations that you can try. When I felt more confident I then moved onto Annabel Karmel's book because she has some wonderful recipes too.

I found from the shop "House" some ice cube trays that had lids which is what I used for his food.

Have fun with it!! When they are starting out it is all about trying new flavours.

I also use Annabvel Karmels book "The new complete recipes and meal planner for babies and toddlers.

ITS AWSOME! And so so easy to follow. I have just started giving my baby pumpkin 2 days ago and she loves it. I think this book is great and well worth the $30.00!

good luck

I'm in the same boat as you Charliegirl78. I think i better buy the Annabel Karmel
I feel bad coz I've been giving my little one bought baby food (jar) but I'm worried about trying anything new incase she doesn't like it or I do it wrong.

I'm glad you brought up this subject so thanks and good luck smile
Hi Amy00, it is really quite fun once you get started. I have now made carrot, sweet potato, apple, apple & pear and pumpkin!
I've just been steaming everything (I even went and bought myself a new steamer!), then chucking it in the food processor to form a puree. Then I put it all in ice cube trays, cover it with cling wrap and chuck it in the freezer. Once it is frozen I pop them in a snap lock bag and label it and leave it in the freezer ready to go. Once feed time comes around I pop a few cubes in the bowl and defrost them in the microwave. Sometimes I have had to add some of his formula if it is too think.
I hope this helps you as it really is quite easy & fun once you get started smile Good luck!!
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