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When to give water????? Lock Rss

Hi Girls
This might sound really dumb but when during the day do i give water.

My day in terms of feeding is
7am 240mls bottle
8am breakfast
11am 240mls bottle
12pm lunch
3pm 240mls bottle
5.20pm dinner
6.20pm 240mls bottle
10.30pm 240mls bottle

i just dont know where to fit the water in and my bub is suffering from constipation.
Please can someone tell me when they give water
Thanks in advance

Kylie NSW, Kade 17 months

wow! that is a busy schedule. my 5 month old feeds as follows,

7am bottle & breakfast
11am 240 ml bottle & lunch
2.30pm 240 ml bottle
6pm 240 ml bottle & dinner
(10.30pm 120ml rollover feed while sleeping, am going to cut this in 2 weeks as is sleeping through the night)

I give him a weaning cup with water in between to play with & it took a week or so, but he now drinks from it on his own. I give it to him mid morning and mid afternoon. (found the avent ones the best)

I have a FANTASTIC book by Gina Ford - The Contented Little Baby Book of Weaning. This has been my BIBLE. My son's feeds were all over the place & too many feeds. This book gives you a brilliant plan, if you stick to it, takes about 2-3 days to adjust, it makes your life & babies life sooooo much easier. Also gives recipes.

first time mum

Hi Kades mummy, When my boys were 6 months we ended up at sleep school. They help you with all baby issues including feeding. They were on 2 solid meals a day at that stage. I had tried giving them water here and there previously, but I was like you...when on earth did I fit it in to the day.
So what they suggest is at meal times offer water from a free flowing spout cup. So every few mouthfuls of food offer a sip of water. Helps to wash the food down and they love the sensation of the water in their mouths. To make a spout free flowing, just take the valve out of the spout, then as they get older and have a better suck action/strength you can put the valve back in.
Now that my boys are 10 1/2 months they get water morn tea, arvo tea and with their lunch and dinner. They don't drink a lot of water,but they love playing with the cups and the water.


I was advised to start offering a sippy cup when I started solids (with every solid meal). It took a month or so for DD to get use to it but it was well worth the effort. Once she started moving around (8-9 months) I decided to have a sippy cup available 24/7. Its on our little coffee table, she will go have some when ever she feels like it - been really handy actually.

Be patient, your bub should be getting all the water needed through the bottle (breast/formula). There are a few other things that might be worth trying in relation to constipation in the mean time. It all depends on what you are feeding bub other than the bottle.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

lillie refused water from her bottle so i bought her a sippy cup at 5 months,i giver her water with every food feed she has a spoonful,then i say"drinky"and she laughs and takes a sipp
its pretty cute really

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi Kylie,
I have a 7 month old daughter. When I started solids, I also gave her a cup to drink on between mouthfuls. I recommend the Step 2 cup by Pigeon. It does not have a valve, and it is easier for babies to drink from. It is messier but at least Caitlin is getting the idea. I did try her on the Avent cup but she did not know how to suck.
With constipation, you could try some diluted prune juice (simmer dried prunes in a little water).
Good luck!

Charmaine(Ashleigh 7 y.o. and Caitlin 4/10/05)

I normally give Jaye water when I think she is getting hot and when she doesnt want milk or anything else and she has a little drink and than she is off doing her own thing.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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