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Travelling with a 5 month old - HELP, ANY TIPS??? Lock Rss

Hi, I am off to europe for my sisters wedding in a couple of weeks (she lives here & thought it would be great to make us trcck 1/2 way across the globe!)

1 - Does anyone have any tips or things you would consider "must have's" while traveling?

2 - My son is 5 months old, is on solids (home cooked), and I have to take the jared food with me for him, no cooking facilities there. I have seen Heinz organic variety.... can anyone reccomend any others?

3 - any tips on getting him to change his night & days around quickly?

ANY help at all will be greatly appreciated smile

first time mum

Hello treasure! What an adventure! Although it's not really a holiday with a baby (plenty of experience taught me that!) I have five month old and we just had a holiday at easter! Because bubs is so young you will probably be travelling with him on your lap for the duration of the flight, I always take loads of bottles, it seems to calm him down if overtired and gets him off to sleep. Also if the flight isn't overbooked you can ask to sit in a row of seats that arn't being used - so spread out and get comfy! Also when dd was 15 months we went to england and she refused to sleep even though we were in transit for 35 hours so our doctor recommended an antihystamine medication to make her drowsy and that helped a bit, but I would ask your gp first! Also those disposable bibs are great for travelling, try to get bubs eating, drinking or sucking for take off or landing to help with the pressure in his ears.

I've always found Heinz great they don't add any nasties. Although my daughter never liked tinned baby foods, maybe just try him on it before you go.

As for getting him used to different day night routine, we started it bit by bit about a week before we left in hopes it would be sorted by the time we were there but the flights messed up all that hard work - sorry not much help there! Good luck I hope you have a lovely time!

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