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Just starting solids Lock Rss

Hey girls

My daughter will be 6 months in a week and have just started solids i just have some questions as im a first time mum and its all prety confusing lol.
our day goes like this

7am- bottle 180 mls
8am- farex
11am- bottle 180mls
1pm- yoghurt & pureed pears
3pm- bottle 180mls
5pm- potato/pumkin & pureed apples
7pm- bottle 180mls
10pm- bottle ( maybe)

with the 10pm feed she sometimes wants it sometimes doesnt. It seems alot to have started her on so i just wanted to know shouldi cut out some feeds or is this enough she seems content and wants all the food i am giving her.

The amount of the food is only 1 tablespoon of farex 1 tablespoon pumpkin/potato 1 tablespoon pureed apple and 1 tablespoon pureed pears.

I make it all myself it just seems easier that way i know exactly what she is getting and i dont know i guess i want to lol

Any thoughts would be greatly apreciated thank in advance.

Nikki & makiera

Hi Nikki, you are doing a great routine. I did virtually the same and it worked really well.
The 10 pm feed is basically a roll over feed. This you should be able to cut out soon. Still offer it but offer less amounts until you and bub will not bother with it.
As bubs gets older she will start to have more solids and you will find that soon she will want to drop one of the bottle feeds, so you will have to tweak it around a bit more.
My boys are 10 1/2 months and what we now do is:
6.30-7.00am bottle
7.00-7.30am brekkie
11.30-12.00 lunch (offer water)
1pm bottle
3.00pm arvo tea (offer water)
5.00pm dinner (offer water)
6pm bottle

Keep up the great work


Hi Nikki,

You're doing the right thing. I had visited a hospital with my son when he was 5 months old for a sleep routine but they also helped me with his feeding routine and you're doing exactly what they told me to do. They said that babies should be given a roll over feed at around 10-10:30pm until they're 9 months old. My son is 8 months old this week and he still has a bottle. Like your daughter he sometimes drinks it all and then some nights hes just not interested.

Good luck

Jodi, VIC, 2 boys

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