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Is once a day enough??? Lock Rss

Hi all.
Ive just been reading all these post everyone has been putting up and im starting to think im not giving enough solids to Jett.
He usually has a bottle for his morning feed then he'll have some more a few hours later. Ill try and give him either some farax or puree vegs and sometimes he wont want them but will want the bottle. So basically he'll be having solids maybe once a day. Is that enough?
Jett seems to be happy. Some days he'll scoff down about 2 table spoons of the farax or about 3 tablespoons of the puree at a time and other times, he just dont want it.
Any suggestions? Should I have him in an eating routine because he isnt in one at the moment.
Help... im doing my head in!


sorry how old is jett that way i can get a better idea
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