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want to start solids Lock Rss

Hi friends,
I am a first time mum, and frankly dont know much abt caring a baby,
my little boy, Aaryan is 5 month old now , as he has got eczema, i havent started solids to him yet but now his eczema is in control. so i want to start solids.
i want to start with rice sereal but dont know how many times should i give it to him and can i start anything else?
i really want the advice, as i have arrived here 1 and half year before i havent got any friends, so pls help me .
Thanks in advance



It can be really confusing. Starting solids I mean, I had NO clue! Have you spoken to your CHN about this? They can be really helpful.

On the back of the box of farex there is a guide as to how much to give your bub. Just a teaspoon or so at first, and gradually increase the amount. After a week or so you can start on pureed apple or pears. Just a small amount, you can mix it with the farex to give it a bit of taste.

At this age, babies really need their milk and solids are not that important. It is just an introduction for now.
hi, its hard being a first time mum, but i am sure you are doing a great job!
Rice cereal is the best food to start him with because of the low allergy thing. If you look on the back of the packet of rice cereal(farex) it will give you the instructions. Also have a look at this website, under feeding your baby, there is some great advice.

pam,nsw, 13 months and 4 yo

it can be a confusing time
you could start by adding the farax to his formular to make it runny
i just popped bout 2 teaspoons in her baby bowl and addes water till it was slightly clumpy and tried her on it
she loved it
all trial and error i guess

Lillie....1 year old!!!

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