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Fussy Eater Lock Rss

My son is 8 months old and used to love all foods. In the past week he's decided that he doesn't like vegetables anymore and would much rather have fruit or yoghurt. I'm at a loss as to whether to try and make him eat his vegies. I don't want to scar him by forcing him to eat food that he doesn't want but I also don't want him to be one of these kids that only eats sweet things. Does anyone have any advice for me?

Jodi, VIC, 2 boys

Its funny cause I was chatting to DD's nutritionalist about this the other week. She warned me not to be come a 'short order cook'. What she meant, was not to prepare food around what your baby loves the most. An example, might be my brother who for 4 nights a week would cook chicken nuggets and chips - cause thats what his kids would eat without a fuss - lol.

One good tip she said was to make sure one thing on DD's plate was what she liked, for example, bread or carrot (dd's loves those). She said to become creative in hiding the other food, say in a gravy or mix it with carrot etc. It kind of flagged with me as I was finding myself at times, going to get some-thing that I knew DD would eat, but really wasn't meeting her nutritional requirements for the day.

I do find it hard though, as some times DD is just a right pain in the butt. Generally these times she is just not hungry. I was a bit concerned the first time I put her to bed with very little dinner, but she still slept through. I also find it frustrating when she will suddenly not like some-thing she has always liked. I suppose she is no different to me. Some times I just don't know what I want and would happily eat ice cream all day - LMAO !!!

This is a great thread. Its good to think about not wanting to scar them either. I am a bit scared with meat, if I see any pink bits or god forbid blood, I just feel totally sick to the stomache and can't eat. I loved veggies though, lucky for my mum - lol.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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