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I was just wondering if anyone no's of a good time to put bub on Solids cause i think my lil 3month olds formular isnt satisfying her cuz she was feeding every 2hrs consisting of 180mls which is what she is spose to be having every 4hrs.
We tried her on farex for the 4month old & wouldnt take it no matter how week we made it.
Anyone have any ideas when to start her & what to give her first.
My sis in law started her son on aroroot biscuit cant remember how old though
any help would be great


My bubs went through a growth spurt when she was 3 mths old and fed every 1 1/2 - 2 hrs. I too considered solids thinking it was not giving her enough but found that after checking with a few people she was actually having a growth spurt.

I think that if she isnt taking to the farex u gave her she is telling you she isnt ready.

If you still think she needs it give it a couple of weeks and try again.. I know how hard it can be sometimes !

I would stick to the farex for her first foods as this is designed with that in mind.

She will probably pass thru it soon.
I know of a lot of people who put the farex into the formula as a way of satisfying a hungry baby. I think u need to use a larger teat if you do this though. This way ur baby will be getting the farex without having to actually eat it and hopefully she will b less hungry.
Hope this helps

Baby Kaleb 1 years old

My opinion is to wait, I think 3 months is too early for solids. Seeings the purpose of solids from 6-9 months is to teach them to eat, any other side effects are not a guarantee (like making your baby feel full or sleeping through for example). I agree with the other mums that your bub is probably going through a big growth spurt.

In terms of your question, the recommended age to start is 6 months. There is a few risks starting early like damage to their kidneys and increasing potential food allergies. Lots of babies start early and have coped just fine. Its really one of those personal choices.

Having said that, if you decide to start on solids I think you are best to go with the traditional farex approach. I totally think arrowroot bisciuts is a massive no no, especially with a baby at 3 months old. Not only are they a hazard in terms of potential choking, they are full of things that your baby just doesn't need to eat yet.

Best of luck, I can imagine its hard work feeing your bub every 2 hours.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

My babe has just turned 4 mths. When she was 3 mths she was wanting to feed every 2 hrs. I used baby rice to thicken her milk and then decided to try and give her a go with it on its own. I left it plain for about a wk but she was dry reaching everytime she took a mouthful. I started adding some puree fruit of veges (the jars bought at smarket) she didn't mind that too much and in the last couple of weeks she has been eating it straight out of the jar. Now she has her 6 am bottle, fruit puree at 8 am, bottle at 10 veges at 12 bottle at 2 custard at 4 bottle at 6 and usually again about 7.30 before she settles for the night.
I was on solids at 6 wks when I was a baby. It's not hurting her at all.
Happy feeding.
My son James is 6 mths old and we are having problems with solids. We've started with rice cereal and he refuses to take it and swallow. Help - any ideas how we can solve this problem? Thank you

Sofia, James 6 mths

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