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Food ideas...whats the daily menu plan for your 9mth old? Lock Rss


I have a smaller than average 9mth old boy named Connor. I'm interested in learning what your baby eats so I can get some ideas for meal times. I can also get an idea of others Mum's menus they set out for a typical day. I'm not quite sure I'm feeding my boy enough or an ample variety.

Also how much cows milk should a 9mth old baby be having a day. My boy has a bit over 1/2 a cup on his cereal each morning. I was just told this could be too much and it should be heated to kill off some of the protein?

Thanks for sharing,

Michelle,Connor,Jai 2/7/08

Hi Michelle,

I don' t have any menu ideas for a 9 month old, however you could try looking for this book called "Feeding your Baby and Toddler" by Annabel Karmel. It has aroud 200 recepies from purees to the toddler up to 7 years. We tried our little one (7 months) with a tasty chicken casserole, it was so nice (mashed when we tried it) we are going to make it for ourselves tomorrow for dinner. In this book also, there are some very yummy recepies for grown ups to have also which is nice, though it says it is for children. There are also some wonderful pictures for presentation purposes for those children who are "fussy". Hope this helps.I refer to it every weekend when I cook up my little ones food for the week.

Hi Michelle,

Just to let you know, a copy of the book I bought cost me around $39.95 (hard cover) and had to order it in from Angas & Robertson. I should have looked in the library first for previous editions, however it was one of those buys that you I did on the recommendation from another friend who is a parent. Not saying that you should buy it on my recommendation though. Good luck and hope it helps. If you buy the Practical Parenting Magazine the author of the book often has reciepies in it too.

Hope this helps and here's to a variety in the foods our little ones receive! SJ
hi i have a 10 1/2 month old who has been having th same things since about 8 mths

he has 2 weetbix 4 breaky with milk and have just startd giving him warm milk or WEAK milo to

has little box of raisins, muesli bar and some small crackers about 10.30

lunch is usually some soup, noodles, or some veges, wat eva i feel like making

some fruit late afternoon

and wat ever we're having for t plus a can/jar of sweet baby food

he also still has a breast feed after breakfast and lunch and a bottle b4 bed hope this helps

just feed him wat eva, my little man eats heaps, and wat eva is put in front of him, he basically eats very similar to wat we do


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