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Daily routine help for 7mth old !!!!!!!! Lock Rss

Please can anyone help me with a daily routine for my 7mth old very energetic little man. He is still having 5-6 breast feeds per day but mucks around on most of them and doesn't have near as much as I think he should... His daily so called routine at the moment would be:

wake 5am - Breast feed
Back to bed
wake 6am
7am cereal
9am Breast feed and back to sleep (Hopefully)
12.30 pm Breast feed
1pm solids (usually fruit or yoghurt)
2pm Back to bed
4.30 Breast feed
5pm Bath
5.30-6pm Solids (Vegetables)
6.30-7pm Bed
10 pm rollover feed (sometimes)
1am Awake - Breastfeed
3am Awake (Wants to play ######)
Try to resettle and start the day again.......

Please help as I am very sleep deprived and am getting beyond frustrated. Little man won't take the bottle at all and screams everytime I try... He seems to be waking at night because of wind pains as he blows off and burps a lot (eventually).. Any suggestions for this ??????
I am just one confused and tired mum.....

Thanks Kezz x

Kezz, Qld,Maddy 11, Jai 3 & Mia 7 weeks

You poor thing im feeling you. My 5 month old girl i sometimes have the same problem with she still gets up through the night and i feed her 4-5 times a day on the breast. my day goes as follows:

Wakes at 6:30am
back to bed at 7:00am
up at 8:00am for a bath
8:00-8:30am breastfeed
9:00 solid (farex)
1:00pm breastfeed
1:30pm solid (fruit or vege)
5:30ish solid (vege)
6-6:30ish breastfeed
7-7:30ish bed

my daughter has only started the solids in the last 2 1/2 weeks so this is the new routine the old routine was every 2-3 hours i just couldnt do it. I tried for so long to give her formula of a night time the last feed before bed but she wouldnt take it. Tonight for the first time she took the bottle AND 150ml of formula it was enough to start a party...hehehe i just hope now she will sleep through the night...the thing i tried different with the bottle is i put her to the breast first then slowly slipped the teat of the bottle in the side of her mouth so she would think it was my breast. it worked so maybe you can try that way it may work it may not but what have you got to lose????i know how frustrating it is but try to stay calm because he will sense that you feel that way and play up more....i hope this has helped a bit...
I took my son to a sleep clinic and they put him in a fabulous routine.

7am - wake & bottle
7:45 - 8:00am - breakfast
8:30am - sleep
11:00am - wake & bottle
12:00pm - lunch
1:00pm - sleep
3:00pm - wake & bottle
4:30pm - sleep
5:30pm - wake & dinner
7:00pm - bottle
7:30 - 8:00pm - sleep
10:30pm - roll over bottle

My son has been doing this since he was 5 months old and he is now 8 months old.

I've found that in the last couple of weeks he's slowling outgrowing this routine but I've been given a new routine for when he's 9 months old that I'm slowing starting to get him used to.

Jodi, VIC, 2 boys

Hi Kezz

my 7 month old daughters routine is as follows

7.30am approx wake up
7.45 - 8am brekky Cereal or toast
9am bottle
10am sleep
11.30-12 wake up give bottle about 15 mins after
1pm lunch usually fruit
2pm sleep
3-4pm wake up and bottle after 15mins
5.30pm dinner meat,veggies and pasta
6.30pm bath
7pm bottle
7.30pm bed

i don't always stick to it strictly as sometimes she sleeps in longer or has longer or shorter sleeps through the day so i just adjust it accordingly

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

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