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When to start offerring solids before bottle (how old)? Rss

Aidan has been having solids for some time now & is having 3 meals a day, plus afternoon tea & 4-5 150ml bottles a day.

So far we have been offerring him his bottles first & then solids about 30mins-1 hour later. At what age do you stop offerring the bottle first? I'm thinking it's still a bit early for that, but just wanted to find having trouble finding where to check this info out.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Aidan's Mum
My CHN told me to start offering solids first at 6 months, though in saying that I do exactly what you do! My DD (born 09/10/05) has milk then a while later solids, as I feel if I didn't do it like that she wouldn't drink enough. So do what you think is right. Hope that helps, even if it wasn't clear!
Hi Liz
There are plenty of differing ages but I was told around 9 months as milk is the most important part of bubs diet until then as they are still getting everything they need from it and the solids are just introduced to supplement the milk feeds. From 6-9 months bubs are meant to get 600-800ml of milk a day. I have always done Jebs tea before bed bottle but at least and hour and a half before so he still takes all his bottle. I have just recently swapped his lunch solids to first then his bottle an hour and a half after. With in the next week or so I will swap his breaky around so he'll be doing all his solids first by around 10 months smile
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