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Cauliflower Broccoli???? Lock Rss

I am hoping for some help..My DD is happily eating lots of vegies, though I am unsure about cauli and broccoli, when can they have these? Also as I make large batches and freeze them will these be ok to freeze??? Any ideas/tips?
Anything would be appreciated..Thanks heaps
yes give them a go...Saxon is pretty much eating most veges now. i even brought spinach and pureed it !! i freeze them in ice cube trays and when they are set i put them in those lock and seal lunch bags. but i have just brought of ebay these freeze cube tray things, will wait till they arrive and see how they go. i think these will be good for when he is haveing bigger meals. at the moment he has a mix of 4 cubes in his dinner.
some veges he is on now are, potato, sweet potato, pumkin, corn, beans, carrot, spinach, broccoli and zuchini. i just mix and match them at dinner time.
hope i was a help!
Brocolli is one of the worst veggies for reactions with babies. Its almost equal to tomato in terms of natural chemicals which can cause potential digestive reactions. DD has reactions to green veggies so I've learnt a lot more about veggies, been rather interesting. Personally, I would avoid brocolli for as long as you can. There is no need for them to eat it as there are lots of other great alternatives. If it is a veggie that you eat regularly and want your bub to have then by all means give it a go.

Often the reactions aren't easily linkd to a veggie like brocolli. I didn't know for months that DD's colic was actually reactions to green veggies - poor buba. The only issue with cauliflower is it will cause gas. If your baby doesn't seem bothered by wind (farting), then go for it !!!

Best of luck - sounds like your bub is doing really well with solids, well done !

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months


I tried bubs on cauliflower recently and she was up all night with bad wind. However I tried it again last night (not as much, mixed with pumpkin) and she seems fine today.

I've also tried broccoli but DD didn't like it at all, I think it was the texture rather than the taste. I'm going to puree it a bit more next time and out it through a seive to get all the little lumps out and see how she goes.

P.S. I froze the batch of cauli I pureed and it froze fine smile

Rachel, WA, Isabella 15/10/05

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