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When can I introduce adult cereals to bubs? Lock Rss

Hi there

Can you please tell me what you have been told regarding giving adult cereals to babies.
I was advised not to give my son Weetbix until he was 12 months old but many mothers I know have been giving it a lot earlier.

I would love to try him on porridge, oats etc in the adult range but am a little worried that it might be too early.
My boy is almost 9 mnths old.

Rileys Mum - 11 months

Hi niki.lu2,

I gave my DD weetbix at 9mths and she has never looked back, she has also eaten porridge at this age, we used the unlce toby's Oat Temptations and she loved them.

I think that if you take it slow and just see how he goes on either the porridge or weetbix, just to see if he has a reactions. Maybe after a moth or two you could introduce the other and go from there.

I hope this helps and goodluck, trying new food is fun.
My view is why use adult stuff when there is a specially designed baby/child alternative. Both Weetbix and Porridge are available for babies/kids. I admit, you usually pay about 50cents extra (there abouts) which can be a deterent for some parents. Its probably because they have The Wiggles or other popular character on the box - lol.

There is a substantial difference between an adults and a childs dietary requirement, that is why I choose to use the kids stuff. I'm probably a bit more proactive about it as DD had issues digesting adult weetbix the few times I tried it.

Having said that, lots of parents feed their kids adult cereal with seemingly on problem. You won't know until you give it a go I suppose !!!

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi, My twins were eating vitabrix ( no added sugar unlike weetbix) porrige...straight rolled oats and formula/cowsmilk, cornflakes (Crushed in a blender), ricebubbles (crushed in a blender).
I was told by MCHN and midwives at the sleep school we went to, to offer these foods.
They have little or no added sugar and very little salt. I don't see the point in getting sucked in to all the advertising for "special" kids food. Definately agree thats it's a MUST with jars and tins of baby food, but for ceareal, if you make the good choices then there is no problem.
I think we all panic if we don't buy all the advertised food marketed at fruit juice, baby/kids muslie bars, toddler milk drinks. No wonder we have kids that are overweight and with dental issues. Where is the fruit and water ads on TV??? Yep thats right no money for companies to be made.
Ok sorry everyone for going on about this....but it makes me so mad about the marketing forced down ourthroats for crap food thats advertised for our kids.


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