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advice on buying formula over seas Lock Rss

Hi, i am sure this has been covered before but i couldnt track it down. I am travelling to england with my 5 month old and wondered which formula is recommended.
I am currently just giving her a bottle of Karicare gold at night and breast feeding the other times. Does anyone know of any formula over there that is similar to this? I tried her on the s 26 and she hated it?
Any tips?
Hi - I recently returned from a trip to the UK and I took all of my own formula (Karicare gold) with me. My mother in law lives in UK so I had her check it all out before I went. She rang a couple of formula companies and apparently the formula over there is very different to ours as it has different bits in it - and can take bubs a while to get used to, including giving them bad tummy aches. So in the end I worked out how much I would need and took my own.
Not sure if that was the answer you were hoping for but if your bub is anything like mine suffering from jetlag and wanting to sleep or day and be awake all night was enough to worry about let alone not feeding properly. Anyway, good luck!

Mummy to Joe and Maggie

Hi Lucy,
Yeah I would have to agree with Mummy1, with all the nutrients and omega 3 in Karicare gold you're definately better off taking some formula with you. If you're trying to save on some space all you'll need to do is measure out approx how much you think you'll need then add a little more (just in case) and pop it into a couple of extra large freezer bags, mark it very clearly what it is and pack it in your baby bag or lay it flat in your luggage. Hope this helps, have a gr8 trip!
PS. My son also hated the S26, he became really narky on it, tryed to scratch me and all sorts! Much better now on the Karicare Gold.

Nadene, SA, 7mth baby boy

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