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what formula for reflux? Rss

My dd 5weeks old has silent reflux just wondering if changing her formula will help. And if so what ones r good for reflux, we r currently using lactogen.

Mumma of 3.

I am not experienced in formula's at all, but I think the ones with AR after the name are for reflux

My son has silent reflux as well he is now 7 1/2 months old. He is B/.fed and bottle fed. We use Karicare De-lact. Its for all ages from birth. I can only buy it from chemists smile Hope this helps you out smile
Hi there, my son had reflux until he was 8 months old, its AR formula. But ask your doctor, because children who aren't so good with dairy can often suffer from reflux, my son was trialed on Soy formula because he refused to drink normal dairy based formula. Also if it persists don't be afraid to ask for losec from your GP. My son was put on it in the end because nothing else worked. He was on it for 3 months. You can also get Gaviscon sachets which you make into a paste and fed them. Works a treat if they only have a slight reflux problem. Hope this helps smile
I was told by my MCHN that Lactogen was a very heavy formula(sits in tummy longer and can cause pain coing back up), my recommendation would be to try her on Nan HA (you can get sachets),it is a partially broken down formula and digests similar to breastmilk.If you were after a AR formula,I have heard good things about Novalac,but more so if bub is vomiting the milk back up as it is a thickened feed.
Good luck with it all
.If you were after a AR formula,I have heard good things about Novalac,but more so if bub is vomiting the milk back up as it is a thickened feed.

Novalac AR was wonderful. it was just a little painful to disolve fully and clogged teats every now and then. but we found it was better for bubs than all the others.
if you havnt already - make sure you take bubs to you gp to get diagnosed with reflux and see what the gp has to say.

We ended up having to put our DD on LF formula at 5 months, cause we found that was the underlying problem, she was lactose intolerant.

Not sure what formulas are best but definitely see your GP or paediatrician as your baby may need to be on medication. If it does this will change all your lives for the better. Most bubs grow out of it by 6-12 months so hopefully yours will. I have just got my son off medication for silent reflux at 25months!
we tried forever to find a formula as my son has terrible reflux and is on medication. novalac reflux has been a god send. it is the only formula that seemed to stop the pain.


I've put my son onto Karicare AR. Makes such a difference. He no longer brings up half of his feed. I would recommend this formula to everyone if their bub is having trouble with reflux. It is a very thick formula and does get lumps so i put it thru a strainer to remove lumps and i also needed to get different size teats for the avent bottles.
My 6wk old son has been on S26 AR since 2wks old for his reflux. He would throw up all his feed, now he has a little come up when he has a burb and that is not threw up. Was thold about this by my sister-in-law (she is a nurse & her mum is a mid-wife) so I took their word for it, now I swear by it.
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