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Not hungry?? Rss

What's going on???

My DD is just over 3 months. She is bottle feeding 4-5 times/day. Since she was born she was a guzzle guts- downing her bottles in no time. She would never cry for feed ( only after when she realised she had finished it too quickly!LOL) and over the past few weeks has been quite content to feed every four hours. Thought I had a nice little routine going.....

NOW she has a fit everytime I try and feed her. The only bottle she takes willingly is her 6 am feed because she has been asleep for the past 10hours. Other feeds she just pushes out the teat, spits milk everywhere, cries, goes bright red and carries on like a goose. When I do finally get her feeding ( usually by saying "shhhh" to calm her) she refuses it again after her halfway burp. There have been times when she sleeps through her feedtime and wakes for it an hour or more late.

How far aapart should I be giving her feeds? I don't want to starve her. I would try giving her less but she is having such a hard time drinking it in the first place.

Any advice would be appreciated smile

Whoops- I know this is in the wrong topic- but I don't know how to move it blink
I would just take her cue. I demand fed my bub and everytime i got into a routine it would change again its good shes sleeping through pretty good.
See how she goes doing it her way. My son would go through a hunger peiod where he would be hungry alot then he would calm down then he would go through another hunger period or growth spurt. Sometimes you have to trust your bub to tell you when their hungry. they won't deprive themselves of food.
Hi bubakus - dont the lil buggers do your head in some days!
My DS done very similar about that age. He is bottle feed from day 1 and was a guts too. They do eventually start to drink less possibly getting ready to try 'real' food instead. Also but we found that using a dummy for a few minutes then sneakily swapping it for the bottle worked a treat. Like they needed to get that action happening first or something. It still works now (10 mths) and i don't understand why but so long as it works i don't care!
Also, my ds about that age didn't like to be held so close while feeding. Try maybe lying bub down on a cushion/floor or something instead of holding and may find more interested.
Anyway, just a few tips to try if you like - worked for us anyway.
Good luck!
Thanks for the suggestions smile Will give some of them a go today. Nice to know that she is not the only one!
Hi Bubakus,

My son is 5 months (3 months adjusted) & he does all the same things! He is mostly weaned atm but still gets one bottle of EBM & the rest is formula. He usually has 4-5 bottles per day but only a maximum of 150mls each time. He will get halfway through the bottle & fight the rest of the way. The CHN said according to his weight of 6.6kgs he should be taking around 210ml per bottle & 6 per day. Yeah right! When he was fully breastfed he woke every 2 hours without fail crying for his feed. Now he goes 4 or more hours (if I dont wake him) between bottles & 7 or 8 hours overnight & does not look like he is hungry. Apparently you shouldn't go any more than 4 hours between feeds at 3 months but if the baby doesn't want it - well they just won't take it! Altho my son does have bad reflux but we have it under control. It seems like he is just getting harder & harder each day to feed him. On a positive note, he has consistently gained 200 - 250grams each week since coming home. Every baby is different & I think the important thing is that your baby continues to gain weight. It is hard not to 'encourage' your baby to drink more but they will let you know if they are getting enough & the more painful feed time is, the harder it will be to feed your baby bcus they will learn to associate feed time as a bad thing. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one experiencing this. Hope she improves for you.

Thanks for your post mum2AshtonMichael

I can't believe that is how much the CHN said your son should be taking!! My DD is 7.5 kg ( big baby- i know ((she is crazy loooooong too) and isn't drinking anywhere NEAR that - not that it seems to be slowing her weight down any blink . She was breastfeed for the first few weeks and the minute we switched to formula, she too started going for really long times between feeds. Glad to see your DS is gaining well despite the feeding probs smile I took curramummy's advice and demand fed her today. She only went 40 mins over her usual 4 hours but at least this time there was no fighting and she drank it all!! DD has been a real grumpy bum lately so I think while she is going through one of many "phases" I will let her call the shots. You would swear she was teething!
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