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Breakfast Ideas for 10 month old Lock Rss

Can people please tell me what they give their 10 month olds for breakfast?? I would really like some ideas.

Thanks! smile
Many mornings DD2 will have fruit - either mashed banana, or pureed apples or the like. Other mornings she will have 1.5 weetbix mushed up. Or some mornings vegemite on toast (if I feel like letting her get messy lol).
weetibx with fruit or toast with fruit here too, was going to be adventurour and try some oats or porridge soon, but i have never made it before, so see how i go...

On weekends we have pancakes, great for the whole family! They also have weetbix bites softened with a little milk or cheerios. Banana on toast is another favourite.
I try to vary it for my son. These are some things I've done: Porridge with sultanas or other fruit added (I sometimes add breastmilk to it if it is too hot or gluggy). You can also try couscous with some fruit added to it. I sometimes finish with some finger food if I'm not in a hurry: wholemeal crumpets, toast, fruit toast, banana.
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