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Hi just wondering how to encourage my daughter to drink out of a sippy cup with water she is 7months old and doesn't like water out of a bottle as it is but i am trying to encourage the cup thing. She just does not want it unless she is playing with it. Is it too young or does it even matter if she's still drinking water out of a bottle?

Hi just wondering how to encourage my daughter to drink out of a sippy cup with water she is 7months old and doesn't like water out of a bottle as it is but i am trying to encourage the cup thing. She just does not want it unless she is playing with it. Is it too young or does it even matter if she's still drinking water out of a bottle?

In all honesty your 7 month old is still a baby, let her drink it out of a babies bottle. I wouldnt even bother introducing a sippy cup till your baby is one. even then i would be happy if she was still using a bottle at 2. It is not a big deal.

I am guilty of making my first son grow up quicker than needed and when i look back now i realise getting rid of dummies, bottles and other baby things should not have been a big drama

when she is ready she will drink from the cup.

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DS1 would drink out of anything you sat in front of him. DS2 on the other hand, is a fuss pot! He's 10 months old and there is only ONE kind of sippy cup that he will touch and that's a new Tommee Tippee one that's for 6 months and up. Sometimes, it's just a matter of trial and error when it comes to finding sippy cups.

BUT, at 7 months, I wouldn't worry about her drinking water from a bottle. Offer her the sippy cup, even if she does just play with it. It can take time for some children to be happy with drinking water. It took DS2 about 8 weeks to actually want to drink water.

She'll get there smile If you're happy with the bottle, keep going with that. If you aren't, maybe try her on a soft spout sippy cup; they're like a cross between a bottle and a sippy cup. Then you can gradually move on to the firmer spouts.
I disagree with the other post that 7 months is too young. My son had cup with water from 6months and got quite good at drinking from it. He never had water from a bottle. I would offer water in a nuby cup at meal times and would help him drink from it. He wouldn't drink much when he was that little because he was still having a fair few milk feeds so didn't need the liquids. You will find as you drop the milk feeds (age appropriately of course) then your bub will drink more water. Don't forget that its winter now so bub won't be as thirsty at this time of year.
The nuby cups are good as they have a soft spout, are easy to clean and are fairly cheap.
My son was totally on cups for all drinks at 11months and from 18months could drink from trainer cup without a spout (but needs to be reminded to drink slowly) but we still use spout cups and drink bottles to avoid spills.

You just need to preserve, of course it you offer a bottle they will choose that as its easier but with water its about introducing the concept of cups even if they don't drink from it yet, they will. They can still get enough liquids from BM or formula so it doesn't matter if they won't drink much. Don't force it just keep offering and it will happen.
I started my boy at 10 1/2 months on sippy cups but i think around 8 months i always had a sippy cup for him to play with and a bit of pratice.
Then when he was 10 1/2 months first day i tried to encourage the sippy cup but if he got to upset i would just give him the bottle by the second day was the same i would try to give it to him when he was not very hungry.
by the third day i put my foot down and would let him cry for the bottle then try and give him the sippy cup a few times he would dissagree with having it but he eventually got it that this is what you are going to have so you can cry all you want. I did this with him lying down cause it was easier.
with water he still does not really have it by itself but its there if he wants it which usually means i try to squirt some in his mouth.
when your bub takes the first cup then put away the bottles and celebrate. I am so glad i did this early before he became attached to his bottle cause i have a nephew still on the bottle at age three.
Oh and another tip - i bought heaps of different sippy cups but found the cheap take and toss cup were fantastic i still use them, the milk comes out alot easier you might get a few dribbles at first but it worth it.
i think it is fine to introduce the sippy cup i did with my son at 6 months you dont have to push them on it just encourage they say you shouldnt let ur child use a bottle after 1 because a bottle continously drenches the teeth and can give them tooth decay so introduce it early so they get the hang of it it took my son awhile now but i found he likes drinking out of the straw cup insted so yeah just trial and error really.
Hi there,
My DD has never had a daughter, so at 6mths when we introduced solids we also introduced the sippy cup. She found it difficult to use the non-spill ones, but no trouble with the cheap Take n Toss brand, once she had mastered this the non-spill ones weren't a problem.
She has been drinking from a cup since she was born (mum works as a mat nurse and insisted on her being fully breast fed and thought/thinks that bottles would make her refuse the breast). She needed supplement feeding in hospital, so was given EMB from a cup, and had no worries.
I think perseverance is the key.
Good luck
Its fine to introduce a sippy cup if you want to, but certainly don't worry if bub doesn't take it, theres nothing wrong with continuing to use a bottle, all things come in good time so don't worry yourself about it smile

Mum of two darling boys

With both mine they started on cups when they wanted a sip of my water. Dd1 had a sippy cup to play with from 4 months. Dd was a bit before then but started solids at 4 months so needed to have a bit of water. She has had a bottle as such.

I would keep trying with the water in a cup. As it's cooler she would only need a small amount of water atm. Keep her formula in bottles if that is what she will take. I don't like cows milk in bottles myself as i've seen kids drink to much which is another reason they recomend dropping bottles. Though I bf dd1 until 18 months and will see how dd2 gos, so I haven't being there done that with bottles.

I am in the same boat. I have a 7.5 month old son who has always been breastfed. I have tried giving him water in both a bottle and a sippy cup. He just bites the bottle teat and spits out the water,the cup with the non spill valve does not work because he can't work out how to suck it (I have heard this is common with breastfed babies). I now use a sippy cup without the valve but I have to tip the water into his mouth, some he swallows but he still spits out a lot. If I give him the bottom to use himself he just chews on the spout.

A friend told me recently to try a sippy cup that has a soft teat on it as she had the same problem with all 4 of her children and that was the only thing that worked. So I will give that a go.

I would love to hear how you are going with it.

i have a 10month old and i have had no luck getting her to drink water from anything other than her bottle!My first child loved the sippy cup from 5 months old but my second is quite the opposite. i have bought quite a variety of sippy cups hoping one will work but no luck! Anyone got any suggestions???
i offered my DS water in a sippy cup at 5months. He wouldnt drink out of the tommee tippee ones with the soft teat so i just tried him on the 'take n toss' cups and he loves them! he cant hold them but i hold it up to him and he will have a few big guzzles from it.

try and skip the proper 6month or whatever expensive brands and buy the take n toss ones.

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