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Which bottle do I drop? Lock Rss

We have been slowly introducing some solids for my 6 mth old for the past few weeks and now he is properly eating 3 meals per day. He is fussing with pretty much every bottle that i give him because I think he is still satisfied from his last feed. Just wanting to know how I rearrange the feed schedule to drop a bottle??

He always has his bottle before the offer of solids so he is getting that as his main source of food. Is currently on 4 bottles per day. 7 - 11 - 3 before bed at 7.

I have a 2 & half year old also and cannot for the life of me remember what I did when she was starting solids. Would love to hear your routine or how you changed it?

Thanks smile

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I'd drop the 11 or 3 feed.
My kids are 4 and 2 and they still both have milk in the morning (most of the time, sometimes they won't) and a warm milk before bed smile

Maybe keep the first morning wakeup milk, have one before (or after) a sleep during the day and then another before bed..

We dropped the 3pm bottle 1st as this was the one that DD fussed over the most. We dropped this at about 7 1/2mths.
When she was about 10mths, we started giving the 11am bottle b4 her morning nap (about 10am) as she was going to be at 10:15am and waking for a bottle at 11am.
When she turned 1 we stopped the morning bottle.

Now she is 13mths and has a morning & evening bottle only.
I dropped the third bottle first because at that stage DS was still having his sleep around 10am/11am so I would give it to him before his sleep because I guess giving it to him before a sleep to relax him made more sense plus that was the bottle that he seemed the least interested in.
We've just seen the Plunket nurse for our seven month group and she has said that even at seven months, they should still be feeding four-hourly if bottle-fed and three-hourly if breast-fed. So the short answer is, you don't drop any yet! You can drop one at eight months and then another at nine months.
my bub is nearly 6 months old loves his fed his routine is changing again thats him doin that not us he doesnt sleep during the nitght so we have cut out the bottle after mid night he not aloud a bottle until the morning which he might have 1 at 5.30 but last night he went to sleep after 9pm woke up at 3am i just put him back to sleep then woke up after 6am when his dad got home by 7am i gave him his soilds then hehad a bottle now he is asleep he usually has his soilds first then a bottle later only because he would have a bottle then soilds then another bottle so we are trying to cut his bottles out he was having 10/12 bottles he just a little pig lol but now he getting beta they should only b having 5 bottles in 24 hrs they should only be having 2-3 bottle when they are 12 months old they still really need there bottles as well as there soilds my bubba has 3-4 meals a day so i guess it is really up to the baby in the end you force them i would just listern to your baby thats what we did but we still have control over when we give it to him and when we don't good luck
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