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suddenly off milk- should i go to Dr ?? Lock Rss

Is it normal for a baby to go off milk completely when teething? My 6month dd will not take any fluids from a bottle at the moment and i am concerned she will become dehydrated. She has taken no fluids for 12 hours. Should i take to doctor?

wendy, qold coast , mummy to Charlotte 2 and Alex

Hi, My little boy is fussing with his milk to. I rang my CHN this morning and she said that it is normal to do this when they are teething. Have you tried getting her fluids other ways. Maybe you could give her some jelly (heinz fruit gels are good) or mixing some milk with farex? Does she drink any water?Does she still have wet nappies? If you are concerned ring your CHN or take her to the doctors. I am taking my little one in the morning to see the CHN. Goodluck!!!

pam,nsw, 13 months and 4 yo

it's not unnormal ffroa infant or child to goo off her food etc when feeding but if she isn't feeding during the night maybe its time to drop her night feed and just do the day feed s and dream feed her at 10pm

cheers K
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