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Hey Girls,

What was the first solid food you gave your baby???


Kayla Elizabeth (10/1/06) Mummy''''s Angel

Rice cereal and stewed apples.
I started with Farex.
Yeah I started with Farex rice cereal too. Its great because one recommended serve gives them their daily iron requirements. After a bit I mixed it with puree pear or apple. I never had a prob but my child nurse (one of them....this one in particular I think is a dill so I took it with a grain of salt) told me I should have tried vegies before fruits because they are too sweet & DD won't go back to savoury- but she did no worries. What I will say is don't get excited like I did & give bub another serve cause they seem hungry.....we had days of constipation! Getting bub on water is a sure fire way to avoid that.
half a banana.
We've just started solids, so far we've done Farex, pureeed apple, then avocado (he loves the avocado) and now we're onto sweet potato

We started with farex but the girls hated it - don't blame them it is disgusting.
We went onto the Raferty's pouches and they love them.
Pumpkin with a little breast milk then worked our way through the veges
Avocado mixed with breastmilk.

Farex is disgusting.

I started with one teaspoon of farex, and then slowly over a few days began adding a litte bit of pured fruit. You can find a really good full day by day list of foods, quantities and moving from one meal to three a day at it makes the whole thing really easy. And it worked for us.

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