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Teaching 15 month old to use a spoon Rss


I am the dad of a 15 month old boy who has a great appetite and eats everything and anything that is put in front of him, however im thinking its time to start introducing him to eating utensils i.e spoon and fork.

At the moment i am spoon feeding him with no problems and occasionally he will have finger foods that he loves getting dirty and using his hands on to feed himself.

At every feed time i place a spoon next to his bowl so that he can associate the spoon with feeding times, however he either just picks it up and throws it on the ground, teeths on it or just ignores it.

I understand that he is still young but have seen other babies younger then him using a spoon and i dont want him to just get used to me feeding him.

At what age did everyone else try and any tips would be appreciated.

I also understand that its going to be a messy few months teaching him.

Thanks all.
Yes, will definitely be messy for a while but it comes to a point where you need to accept some mess so they can start moving forward. My daughter was using a spoon well by 13 months so it is definitely possible. I used two spoons for a while so I could be getting some in her mouth too while she was also trying to do it. Or if you give him two spoons the other hand isn't idle to throw food everywhere! The main thing is to keep trying it over and over, and as with everything else, lay on the positive praise. Good luck.
Hi there!

Have you thought about letting him feed himself? Just give him some finger foods and let him go for it! As far as kids learning to use utensils, its not so much a matter of you teaching them, but them watching you and learning. Give them the spoon and some food and you sit and eat with them. they will copy when they are ready.
We basically give our kids cutlery from as soon as they can hold them. my first dd wasn't interested in solids until 11.5 months, but she had a spoon from 6. By the time she was 14months she could use fork and knife and spoon. Eating as a family is really important and we don't spoon feed ours at all. I believe they are ready to eat when they can feed themselves. My second dd started just over 6 months.

Basically, the only way they learn is by practice and watching you. They make mess, but a plastic tablecloth under their chair is really handy! Just relax and let him go for it! throwing on the ground, if mine do it more then twice - it is removed until the next meal. teething on it - brilliant! teaches co-ordination and will soon do it with food. cutlery is very on and off over the next few years anyway. they will learn and then not care anyway. don't force it though, it will happen! all the best!
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