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how many meals a day should i feed my 7 month old Lock Rss


I feed my 7 month old 5 breastfeeds a day and than 2-3 solids a day. she eats farex, vegies and than sometimes farex again 1-2 before she goes to bed.

my question is how many meals does anyone feed there 7 month old and what do they feed their child
DS has 3 FF (as per the tin) and 2-3 meals.

In the morning he has farex with apple, pear or banana, or if I'm feeling lazy, brekkie out of a jar such as apple & oatmeal or fruit muesli.

In the arvo he has vegies such as carrot, potato & sweet potato or soup followed by more fruit or a yoghurt or baby custard. He also likes banana and avocado mash but I found this constipates him when he has it too often.

For snacks I give him a milk arrowroot, a rusk, a yoghurt, a juice popper, a piece of bread or a little bit of what we're having (only so we can eat in peace!).
My 8 month old has 4 formula feeds per day (3 x 180mls,1 x 240mls) + 2-3 feeds.
Farex for breakfast with pureed fruit (generally from a jar) or baby yoghurt plus her bottle
Lunch is normally toast or vegie mix plus her bottle. But she will sometimes only have the bottle depending on where we are and what we are doing
Dinner is a bottle plus vegies (so far she is having potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, corn, cauliflower, zuchini, broccoli, peas, carrot) with chicken or fish
240 mls bottle at bed time.
just follow your babies lead. bf are more important then solids at this age so keep them up and feed solids whenever you guys are eating so they are part of meal times as well. You can give them snacks as well.

Personally, we feed our kids finger foods from when they are ready for solids. Purees are not needed for babies that are ready to eat. so my dd is just 8 months she feeds herself (except soup, yogurt or porridge) and she eats
bread crusts
soup (whatever we are having)
cooked vegies that she is able to hold and mash with her gums (eg. vegies from stews, mild curries, roasts, steamed, boiled etc) they are usually in chunks that she can hold or cut into fingers
soft fruits and avocado
pancakes (not sweet, either plain or with cheese/spinach grated into the mix
salmon or tuna (canned)
natural yogurt
small portions of very soft meat

We do bf on demand (approx 6-10 times over 24 hours), solids at meal times and whenever she wants them in the day.
All the best!
I currently feed my 7mo son 7 - 8 BFs & 3 SFs a day, but wondering if I should be feeding him more. He has Farex with a little fruit in the morning, a desertspoon of fruit for lunch and about 2 desert spoons of veg for dinner. He is still having 2 of these BFs at night. He also has a little water throughout the day.
I bf 4 hourly during the day and by 7 months they can have 3 meals a day

go to they have what foods to feed at each age (by Month) and an example of a feeding timetable for the day
My 7 month old dd has a 3-4ff a day one at 5am then 11am sometimes at 3pm and then half a bottle at 5.30 before bed and she has Farex for brekky at 7 then some form of fruit for at 1ish then dinner at 4.30 sometimes she snacks on strawberries or a bickie during the day too
My son is nearly 7 1/2 months, he has 5 BF's during the day and 1 or 2 during the night, and 3 solid meals.
Breakfast he has oatmeal with either apple, pears or prunes.
Lunch he has fruit mix consisting of some of these apple/pear/apricot/prine/banana/peach/avocado.
Dinner he has veges some of these: pumpkin/sweet pot/ zucchini/parsnip/ peas/ carrot, then has a tub of baby yoghurt.
He has half a milk arrowroot biccy in the morning and another half in the afternoon.

My son is 7 1/2 months. He has 3 formula feeds per day & 3 meals. Have this fantasic cook book called "Super foods for babies & children" by Anabel Carmel. It has a complete meal planner in there so his meals vary daily from chicken & vegies to apple, pear & oats, to chicken liver with apple & vegies!!!
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