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7 month hating solids Rss

My 7month old daughter is refusing solids. I started her about a month ago & we are getting no-where she hates it all.
Farex, pumpkin, baby powdered cereals, mushed arrowroot bikkie she hates it all. The only way I can get some into her mouth is to distract her with a dummy to get the spoon in & even then she spits 90% back out. I just dont know what to do. She has 4 bottles a day now and luckily for us she is a chubby baby but its time for her to be eating.
She has no teeth yet so I am not keen to give her any food to eat herself yet, its just way too dangerous.
I would really love some advice. Thanks

Mumma of 3.

First of all, I wouldn't worry too much, if she is still having plenty of breast milk or formula, she is still getting plenty of nutrients.

My DD hated solids and didn't really start until she was close to 11mths old. I would offer every couple of days and she would clamp her mouth shut, so I would just leave it for a couple of days again. Eventually she took it. When she finally started, she would only eat pumpkin, so then we had to gradually blend other flavours into it, and she liked her food fairly thick too. She had a tactile issue with her mouth/hands/feet so we think that contirbuted to her not liking solids, but by offering over and over she eventually desentitised to it and accepted it.

Just because she has no teeth doesn't mean she cannot chew, just make sure when you give her food she is closely supervised. She can eat arrowroots, steamed fruit/vegies, ripe banana or any other soft fruit, even soft sandwiches/toast. She may prefer to sit up in the highchair and feed herself. Or even give her a spoon so she can 'help' or attempt to feed herself.

When she does eat herself, you will notice sometimes she will gag then bring the food back into her mouth then rechew it - this is not her choking on her food, it is simply a protective reflex that helps to stop her from choking. My nearly 2yr old DD still does this occasionally if she's tried to swallow something thats too big. You will quickly learn the difference between this and real choking. I hope that doesn't scare you too much.

Learning to eat is a messy game and the more fun you make it the more she will like to participate. Just don't push her too much, the more you push the more she is likely to resist. Maybe even just start with letting her play with the food. Put a big dollop of mashed 'something' or some yoghurt on her tray and let her play, its quite likely she will put her fingers in her mouth with she is playing and 'eat' some.

Good luck smile She will get there, just in her own time smile

Ben 25/10/06 + Erin 10/9/08

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