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Baby Led Weaning - Advice for a beginner! Lock Rss

Hi there. My six month old is a bit of a fussy eater when it comes to purees. In fact the only thing he will eat is pureed apple but not much else. So I've purchsed the Rapley Baby Led Weaning book and have decided to try it. Only thing is whenever DS tries to eat something he always gags, then projectile vomits whatever he's eaten plus most of his milk feed before hand. Has anyone else had this experience? And if so was it just a phase? So far we have tried banana, apple, meatballs, sausage (which he loved until it came back up), carrot, and potato. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks very much
Hi there smile I have been doing BLW with my DD for a couple of months now and she has only gagged twice (once was yesterday). As far as I know, if they are constantly gagging they may not be ready for it just yet. We started off with tomato and other softer fruits like watermelon, canteloupe, mango (a big hit is avocado!) DD first gagged when she was sitting on my lap eating watermelon and I think it was only because she wriggled a bit and yesterday she gagged on a bit of toast because she had shoved too much in and couldnt get it out cos it was too soggy! I also have Gill Rapleys book and found it really helpful. Anyway, to your original question, I havent experienced the constant gagging or vomiting that you're describing but my advice would be to try other softer foods and see how he goes smile
Thanks very much tessnella. I guess I just don't want to leave it too late? He sits up unsupported (has done since 5 months), and shoves everything in his mouth plus chews on stuff non stop. I might give the softer stuff a go and see how he goes and if no improvement leave it for a week or so. I just dont want a fussy eater!!
No problem! Not sure if you have read the whole book yet or not but you will find that its ok for them to not eat a great deal to begin with anyway and introducing solids is about having fun and experimenting. DD didnt start actually eating (swallowing) anything until recently! Also, milk is their main food source until 12months of age so dont worry that he is missing out on anything smile Also some babies just arent interested for another few months and its perfectly normal, its just important to not force the issue or make a big deal out of it. Have fun with it, its one of the best things we have done smile
Also wanted to add...dont stop offering him foods...just keep offering something everyday/meal and he will soon get the hang of it smile
Hi there!

I am a huge advocate of baby led solids. I have 2 kids and have done this for both.

Firstly...solids in general. Kids tend to be interested and ready for solids somewhere between 6 months and a year. General info tends to push babies to be on 3 meals a day way earlier then they may be ready for. But starting solids is somewhere in this time. It doesn't mean they will be ready, so with baby led solids you follow their lead and you wait until they are. You are much more likely to end up with a fussy baby if you are trying to make them eat before they are ready or not respecting their lead. (by forcing, bribing or tricking them into eating you set up negative food values. this also goes for putting them under any kind of pressure including excessive praise and punishing for not eating and making them eat everything in front of them.)

So at 6 months, your bub might not be fussy with his puree. He might not be ready for his solids whether its puree or finger food. When kids are ready for solids - they eat.

With the constant gagging - I would say he is not ready for a lot of what he has had. Solids NEEDS to be done very slowly and foods introduced gradually. I would go back to basics and start with fingers of banana or avocado for the first week or 2. Then add some steamed vegies. In a month or so if he is loving the soft vegies and soft fruit thenadd in legumes, then meat/fish, then grain etc. the better he takes to it (no gagging and wanting to eat by himself) the faster you can introduce them.

babies aren't fussy in general. parents now expect kids to be fussy rather then identifying how they contribute to the problem.

blw means relaxing, trusting your child and following their lead. your baby is telling you to sloooowwwwww dooooowwwwwnnnnnn. Its too much too soon. smile
Awesome, thanks so much for your advice ladies. Right tomorrow we're back to square one. I haven't been pushing him at all, hes always led the way, I was just concerned with the spewing thats all. But in hind sight, I have a really strong gag reflex as well (I can't even swallow tablets) so he probably just has the same issue as me. Slowly does it! thanks heaps

Awesome, thanks so much for your advice ladies. Right tomorrow we're back to square one. I haven't been pushing him at all, hes always led the way, I was just concerned with the spewing thats all. But in hind sight, I have a really strong gag reflex as well (I can't even swallow tablets) so he probably just has the same issue as me. Slowly does it! thanks heaps

No worries! I can't do tablets either.... and pregnancy tablets.....they are the size of horse tablets!! What chance do we have!!
I am really interested in baby led weaning, my DS2 is 5 1/2 months and keen to start eating, I have been giving him bit of food which he loves and has the idea of putting his food in his mouth.

I would love some more ideas on what to give them, I will be driving in the car for christmas and would love easy - not messy food for him.. Avocado is great but very messy.
any ideas - books or websites to help.

Also thinking of getting the baby led weaning book is it worth it.



I don't have the book, but I think anything that gives you an insight into it and ideas of what to feed them is a good idea. I imagine it would be handy to have it on hand.

As for what to feed him - it really depends on how he is going. You tend to start out with soft fruit and veg either cooked or raw then move on to legumes, dairy, meat, grain etc. You just introduce one thing at a time - for allergies, but mainly to let the gut adjust slowly. How fast and when you introduce the others depends on how well he takes to them. Once he seems to be pretty cruisy with it all you start giving them mixed stuff or your own meals etc. My first wasn't eating meals until 13 months and my second was at 7.5 months. I also am happy to give spice and chilli which both the girls loved at an early age. (i found my 2 year old laying on the floor of the kitchen gnawing on a jalepeno!)
Anyway its a bit hard to say ideas but I guess once fruit and veg are done you can do things like pasta, toast, grated cheese, beans, meatballs, chicken pieces, tofu etc.

As for non messy food.....ermmmmm.......not really sure I can help you with that one. Messy is part of learning and they tend to make mess with the neatest of foods! The food should be soft enough so they can eat it, is soft enough for them to smoosh in their clothes, hair, car seat etc.
I know you will be in the car, but I assume you won't be letting him eat while you are driving? You probably aren't but to cover myself I will point out the dangers of letting a baby eat while you are driving. smile increased risk of choking etc. When you pull over though you could use a plastic tablecloth and sit him on that - strip him, let him eat then just wipe him over and shake off the cloth. Summer is great for that!
But yeah....there is no mess free food.....sorry! smile
this forum contains very good information for the children's and this topic carries very good information,which must be appreciated by all.
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Hi - I have to say baby led weaning is the best decision we made. my little boy is 15 months and eats EVERYTHING! Our family and friends love watching him eat...he is so focussed and has so much joy from his food.
He has only gagged a couple of times and that was early on. Give your bub some time and they will work it out, it just all takes a while but the rewards are really worth it. Just make sure you let the bub feed themselves (if you put food into their mouths they are more likely to gag). Best foods I foud to start tem off o were roasted sweet potato and steamed zucchini.

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