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Not interested in dinner on kindy days Lock Rss

Does any-one else's bub refuse dinner (or only has a little bit)? DD has been doing it lately, particulaly kindy days. I am wondering if because she eats so much at kindy, that she isn't hungry by dinner time. She is still sleeping through the night (thankfully). I suppose I was wondering if this is common / normal or if I should be worried. I'm not worried about her weight gain plus she still has a BF before actually going down.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi Kazi

I used to work at a daycare centre and the mum's used to always tell us that their little ones weren't hungry at dinner time. We DID feed them very well at daycare and i know i give Jack a sandwich and fruit and lunch time and he has a cooked meal for dinner, whereas at daycare we used to give the bubs/kids a cooked lunch. Alot of the time they would have 2nd's too. Maybe DD is just full as they do also have afternoon tea about 3pm also.
The mum's used to think it was great as they could just give their littlies something small for dinner, knowing they had eaten a well and cooked lunch during the day.

Hope that makes sense - i have baby brain already lol !

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