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what to feed my 8 mth old Lock Rss

can anyone help with what i can feed my little boy instead of feeding him baby food from the supermarket has anyone got any books i can buy for ideas


Puree or mash any-thing you guys are eating, unles its particularly rich like hot curries or chilli's. Its a more cost effective way as well as saving a bit of time. Depending how your bub goes, you might like to prepare certain things in bulk (freeze in ice cube trays). I use to have a cook up day once every 2-3 weeks. Pretty simple, cheap and doesn't take much time to peel, boil, mash and freeze.

I got a few books but found I didn't really use them. Maybe start with a search on the net, lots of suggestions without costing you any-thing. The sooner you can get bubs eating what you are eating, the easier it is. I found it a good time to change DH and my diet a bit, making sure its a lot healthier/balanced etc.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months


Have any of you tried simple things like polenta?? You get it in powder from at the supermarket, boil it with a small pinch of salt until all the water dissolves let it simmer for a minute or two, then you add either sour cream, fetta cheese, natural yoghurt or even serve it plain. its so quick, simple and stores well especially when your in need for a quick snack too. My boy loves it and its sooo good for you!

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