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Introducing foods other than baby rice Lock Rss

Hi, I started giving my baby rice cereal at 4 months and it has gone well, I am giving him it once a day, about 5 teaspoons mixed with breastmilk. Today I started apple puree (from a jar) but was unsure how much to give him - I gave him a third of the jar and he loved it but am concerned this might be too much?
My DS used to eat 1/2 the jar at that age mixed with cereal. he has always been a big eater. he is now nearly 1 and eats almost 2 weet-bix a day.
My older kids weren't that interested in food.
I also found that they will only eat as much as they want.
Damon now starts to spit his food out when he has had enough. He would do this wheh younger also.
I found when the food was too cold is when he would get a tummy ache. Room temp was what he preferred.
Hope that helps...

i basically fed Lil till she turned her head away
wether it was 1/2 a jar or a whole jar lol
She varies every day but usually i can get a whole jar down in a feed
sometimes i thnk im a feeder coz im very small i want her to be tubby lol
oh how i love fat babies

Lillie....1 year old!!!

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