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Hi guys.
Just wanting some advice.
My son is 7 months old. I know that you shouldnt change from formula to cows milk until around 12 months old but is it ok to start to use small amounts of cows milk when cooking for him eg custards and things like that??
Hi Brae,
I Was told by my clinic nurse that it was ok to give small amounts of cows milk on cereal and in cooking from 6 months as long as its full fat milk. I also give Paige yoghurt, custard & put cream & cheese in with her vegi bake, she loves it.
Hope this helps

Cows milk in small amounts is fine for you baby, a friend of mine has been giving her baby daughter cows milk instead of formula since her baby was 3mths old and her daughter has had no problem with it. i also give my daughter about 120mL of Boiled full cream milk when im busy cooking dinner because i cant breastfeed her and she loves it. Just let your baby try milk and then watch him to see if he has any reactions.
Hope i was some help

Jessica, mum to baby Bonnie, NSW

Have started to put cows milk on his cereal and he has tolerated it well.Thanks for your advice
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