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Freezing food with Farex already mixed in it????? Lock Rss

Hi all

I have "googled" this & called the parent help line with no luck.

I already freeze my little mans fruit & veg, but can you pre mix the farex in the food & freeze it so it is ready to go? This would be convenient for outings, etc. I am off overseas next week and thought this would be easier while i am there.

I only mix farex with fuit

first time mum

Wow, I hadn't thought about that. Honestly, I have no idea. Anyway, have fun overseas - that will be a fun adventure for you with bub in tow.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months


Can't say that I have tried it, but give it a try before you head overseas and then you know how it will turn out and if your baby will still eat it. Great idea if it works!

Have a good trip overseas in any case!
Thanks for the replies.

I have just found out that you can do this! Some baby foods have fillers such as this already in them and can be frozen.

A good friend of mine said she used to do this also, and it worked very well.

This will make life easier for all of us.... especially for outings as well as hollidays!

PS - I found some GREAT baby food storers in Coles, by Deco, where the plastic food containers are. They have re-usable labels and are the perfect size for 1 meal. They are freezer and microwave friendly, so make preparing food in advance a whole lot easier. I have been using these for a while and have found them to be much better then freezing in ice cube trays - you don't have to transfer them into a freezer container, then again before use. I serve my son his food from these.

first time mum

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