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Good high chairs for BLW? Rss

We're looking at starting DD with BLW in around a month. I would love some suggestions of which high chairs have worked best for other BLWs.

A lot of the high chairs on the market seem to have the tray really far forward, so I imagine would be difficult for her to reach the food to start with? We are looking for a 5 point harness and nice and stable, reasonably easy to clean etc.

What has worked/not worked for your BLW bubs?


we have a target baby club one which is ok, but at first the tray was a bit high. we just used a few towels folded up and cloth nappies folded or rolled up to prop him in a good position. he would sit on a towel folded into thirds and have a couple behind him. now he is tall enough not to need them.

this also helps with clean up, i used to pick up the towel and carry the dropped food to the bin, or just fling it all on the grass if it was tiny crumbs lol

When we started BLW at 6 months DD found the tray on her highchair too high to get her little arms up so we started using the Bumbo & tray instead. The tray sits quite low on her lap and comes in quite close. The bumbo also helped her sit more upright whereas she would slump to one side in her highchair unless I strapped her into the five-point harness, which I was too scared to do for fear of her choking and not being able to get her out quick enough. She is now 10 months and we still use the bumbo most days out of habit!
The Ikea high chair is AWESOME smile The tray is at the perfect height, it's very light and easy to move around, very simple and super easy to wipe clean and you can buy a washable back rest insert for when they're little.

All I can say is NOT Chicco, thats what I have and the tray is still too high and far out for my rather large 1 year old!
I HIGHLY reccommand a fisher-price one like this -

I have one very similar to this and i love it!

*The tray slides very far forward so there is practically no gap.
*The seat reclines so the baby can be sitting right up or laying back.
*It has a part that goes between their legs so they can't slide down and out. Because of this i don't even use the straps, its almost impossible for the baby to fall out if you have the tray right in. Like the previous post i don't like to use straps incase i need to get the baby out quickly. With this highchair you can grab the tray with one hand and get it off in a matter of 2 seconds. So quick and easy to get the tray off.
*The main tray has an insert tray that you take off when you finished, give a quick wash and snap it back on.
*Its on wheels (that lock) so its easy to move around.
*It has a teething toy that hangs off the side, you can take that off and put different toys on it.
*The back of the chair is tall, soft and curves in, so if your baby happens to fall asleep she will still be comfy and her head won't flop off the side.
*You can adjust the height of the chair.
*Its easy to clean.

So as you can see i love this chair!
Thanks for all your replies, it's given me lots to think about!

The Phil and Ted's Highpod is quite good - the tray is nice and close and baby cannot slip out <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>
High Pod Link

I agree! IKEA! It is simple and easy to clean.
We just hose it down in the courtyard.
And the harness is fine.
It's only a lap one but she has to much fun to want to get out.
And she can't slip down as there is it is moulded

One thing I can say for sure is BLW is crazy messy, but fun.
Get a large mat to put underneath to catch the mess.

Good luck, have lots of fun and take lots of photos!
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