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Starting 3 month old on solids Lock Rss

If she's teething you could try putting a couple of ice cubes in a fresh food feeder
Wow that looks good ill have to try pick one up from somewhere for her = )

To be honest she seems more interested in the bowl of white smoosh then boob any more haha I give her the solids first so its in her tummy first so she hopefully dosnt bring the milk up and its working a treat i just dont want her to get constipated.

Shes really good at chewing on things, she grabbed my partners ive block the other day and chewed a bit off of it. With him supervising incase she started to choke but she was fine i think the cold helped her teething too. I might freeze up some bigger cubes of pureed for to chew on.

Hi sounds heaps like what my son was like at the same age- i seriously don't think i could have kept him off solids for any longer- and he didn't have any reflux or anything. I think some kids just develop really quickly at the start. he was born in the 50% by 2 mths he was in 95% weight- he was back to 50% around 18 mths.

I stopped BF compleatly at around 9-10mths- but i don't think he was getting that much and he didn't even notice when he stopped smile

Sounds like you're daughters doing Great! and you already said that you know BF is important- some kids are just different. smile
Apple and pear are lovely starters.
But naturally high in sugar.
So I did pumpkin and sweet potato too.

My DD was a vomiter, and solids didn't stop it for a long tme.
I guess, she maybe just grew out of it more than anything, but she was 6 weeks early.

Good, luck and enjoy th journey!

The first doc said gaviscon until it clears it all up. It wasnt doing anything and he was pretty clear he would guve her anything else

Second doctor said its a phase a lot of babies go through and it will get worse around 4/5 months then slowy start to clear up and she wasnt going to give me anything.

have you only seen GPs?From my experience, GPs are cautious when prescribing reflux meds.

I saw a Paediatrician....prescribed meds worked well as starting solids at 4mos. Pead dr recommended starting solids early for me too.

good luck!

This is my 2nd doctor ive been to = )

I think i might just stick to rice cerial mixed with breast milk if she gets constipated might give her a bit of pear. Shes happy on rice cerial so not going to rush it.

I know all the guidelines say its bad for them to have solids but i would rather give her a bit of rice cerial with each feed rather then give her more "drugs" that might not work for her if you know what i mean.

Shes due for her 4 month check up in 2 and half weeks so ill see how her vomiting is going by then wether i go to another doctor for "drugs" for her.

You have already come to the conclusion I was going to suggest! smile Stick to the cereal for now unless constipation becomes an issue. I would also be worried that other foods might make the reflux worse with richer flavors or more acid etc. And just keep an eye on it giving the solids first, you don't want her to fill up too much and then not have her full milk feed, its a delicate balance that you will just find out through trial and error.
Good luck smile
Im still trying to figure out how much she needs i give her a tablespoon of the farex mixed with breast milk and then usually tops herself up on the milk, the only time she wont have the solids is the final feed of the day she just dosnt want anything to do with it she just wants milk. So like you said trial and error. Hopefully she grows out of it soon = )

Thanks everyone for your nice replies = )
I decided to try her on some fruits, i did apple with her and she loved it, mango and apple, pear and grape. All of which she couldnt get enough of, she even had ago herself with the spoon only manage to get one spoon full in her mouth herself lol.

Im not sure how much she should be eating though, i give her a little solid wether it be fruit or rice cerial each feed for her reflux then the BM. Ive been trying to figure out how much to feed her to stop her reflux from playing up to much and she seems to need a fair bit to stop it, with the rice cerial its about a table spoon and a half mixed with BM but she has it fairly thick as she dosnt like it if its really runny like BM. If i give her the fruit its any where between 60g and 120g plus BM.

Does anyone have any sort of ideas on how much would be to much?

I have to give her the solids first as ive tried giving her BM first and she just throws it back up half way through the solids.

Also ive read in a few places that they need more water/BM to digest solids as there livers arnt full developed yet. I express everyday should i just give her a bottle to keep her water/BM in take up or should i give her cooled boiled water to keep it up if she does seem like shes dehydrated?

I know lots of people will disagree about giving her the solids, but id rather solids then drugs thats just a personal choice, since giving her solids we have had NO allergic reactions, she tries to feed herself, she has not being constipated, she seems content between feeds (content as you get when she is going through the serperation anxiety stage = /), she hasnt spat out any of the foods except the peas & zucinni mix i tried. So all the signs are good. Her poo's look like there spoused to look im thinking, there changing there color and what not, thickening up a bit and she has at least one poo a day (LOTS OF FARTS she follows after her dad = / she snores too lol) Hardly any vomiting anymore, which is great.

We have her 4 month check up on the 25th so see her weight gain by then. Since birth though she had doubled her weight before i started her on solids, she has great control of her neck, she rolls, and is already trying to crawl, she army crawls around in circles then gets annoyed cause she cant do it properly yet lol.

So everything seems great, the doctor did say she was advanced for her age hence the seperation anxiety stage hitting early and her trying to crawl already.
Can I ask a silly question? Before you started solids and she was posseting, did she have any other symptoms? Because it seems like she was thriving anyway smile If she wasn't too distressed by it I would give her really minimum amounts of solids. 120g of fruit seems like a lot.
My DS spills after BF all the time. But it doesn't bother him at all and he's growing well (a bit too well tongue) I've recently started him on solids and find that even with as little as 1-2 teaspoons of solids (given after BF) he's been spilling a lot less.
I think if your bub is needing 60-120g of solids, you may need to look for another solution, because she really needs milk as her main source of nutrition at the moment. I think even thickened formula would be better than solids TBH.
Good luck smile
I breasat feed so cant thicken the formula as such. You can see it in her face when the reflux happens and a lot of the time you can here it. She wasnt just vomiting after a feed either it was a constant thing all day and a bit of food before each feed doers the trick well. I dont really want to stop and swap her to drugs with only 2 weeks to go before its ok to do it anyway = / im really not a person who wants bub on a whole lot of medicine, if she was only a month or 2 old then it would of being a different story. She seems happily fine on the solids though. Like i said in 2 weeks it will be fine for her = / LOL
If it's working for you then great smile But if your bub is not distressed by posseting (i.e. if she's sleeping ok and not screaming her head off when awake) then you probably don't need to do anything about it. Spilling is messy but it doesn't effects the bub. If she just grimaces as the milk's coming up, it's probably just the weird sensation and funny taste.
I'm not saying stop giving her solids. It sounds like your bub is thriving with how you've been caring for her and that's great. Maybe just reduce the amount of solids she's having. Till she's one, she really needs the fat and protein that's in breast milk, more than anything that's in solids smile
It wasnt just little vomits thats all. If it was just a little after each feed like it used to be then i wouldnt of tried her on solids. Poor bubby was vomiting all day long like constantly, she was feeding every 1/2 hours before she just kept throwing it all back up again. She wasnt happy and it was very tiring and stressful for me. I have given her around 50/60g today and she still has a lot of boob which is great im happy with that. Vomiting is hardly happening now which is great =D she seems a lot more content, i still do the hold her sitting up for atleast 10/20 minutes after a feed just incase though. Hopefully she grows out of the reflux soon = (
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