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Starting 3 month old on solids Lock Rss

Hopefully she grows out of the reflux soon = (

it sounds like she's getting better smile
the foremilk (the first milk that comes out) is also a natural laxative so she shouldnt get constipated with a little bit of rice cereal! when my bub started rice cereal, apple and carrot she didnt poo for 2 days and i was told to offer more feeds to get the milk to act as a laxative.
oh trust me no constipation here = / her bowels are well and truly working fine haga
Ive given her just solids and she dosnt vomit when i give her just solids, but if i give her solids and boob she vomits. If she has just boob then she vomits. Maybe its the milk that is making her vomit?
I havnt changed my diet or eaten anything new or anything in more quantity then normal. So im not sure, im going to try her with a bit of formula and see if she is still sick after that. If she is still sick i might have to see about giving her medicine, the constant vomiting cant be good for her. Im just suprised that she only vomits when given BM.
Yeah i can express a full feed for her, i tried the formula then and she just chewed on the bottle looking at me like im a idiot = / lol cheeky little thing. I gave her solids for lunch followed my BM cause she wouldnt take the formula and she threw up all the BM but kept all the solids down = S. I really want to still give her BM atleast 3 times a day but i think its causing her more greif then good i dont really want to start her on formula either though should i try swapping or just keep trying with the solid/bm mix
ok here is my 2 cents worth.

Babies spew, its a fact of life. If its not causing distress there is no problem. the doctor might not have prescribed meds as its a non issue...

Breastmilk should ALWAYS be offered first (until 9-10 months-ish. A baby cannot take the nutrients easily out of food. Food is for FUN until they are one. Its is learning about tastes and textures not about actually eating. Milk provides all their nutrition. 3 breastfeeds a day for a 3 month old IMO isnt enough.

If the food is being given to keep the milk down wouldnt it make more sense to give it AFTER the breastfeed??

I know you are against giving drugs (and so am i for what its worth) but giving solid food too early might be just as bad. Little babies digestive tracts are not mature enough to handle food just yet....

Had you thought that maybe it could be that she was not getting any hind milk and all foremilk and this is why she was vomiting? How long was she feeding per side before switching (if you were switching at all?) I found mine spewed alot if i switched them from side to side.
so our feeding scheduele was actually to drain one breast entirely and usually one breast was enough per feed. babies are inbiult with a 'stop'switch so when they are too full they will vomit up uneeded milk. So just because she was vomiting it dows not mean that she was vomiting up all the milk IYKWIM...

So after the essay, i would suggest feeding her breastmilk first, baacking off on the solids abit. You dont need formula...IMO.
i would also keep a food diary and see if anything in particular seems to set of fthe vomiting. i would cut down on processed foods/caffine/garlic etc to make sure taht what you are eating is not what is affecting her...


Apologies for my replies, hope they make sense. I am usually typing one handed or interrupted halfway through wink

Ive been down to the chemist to see if there was anything they could suggest for it, he said the amount of vomiting she is having is not good for her. The amount of crying she has could be also due to the pain/annoyance of the reflux and it shouldnt be causing her this much greif, he suggested a different formula a lactose free one. I gave her one bottle of that still a little bit of vomit after that but nothing compared to normal. I understand a little bit of a vomit if she has over eaten.

I didnt think anything of her vomiting at all i just thought that. Babies spew. The doctor said its not normal or good for a baby to spew after every feed in between feeds and pretty much all day though.

Her vomiting was at the stage that she was vomiting up pretty much her full feed though. The chemist guy said the docotor should of refered me the a pead if its this bad as they can prescribe special formulas and medicine for it. He said it should of being clearing up around 4 months not getting worse.

If i gave her milk first then solids she would vomit it ALL up not just milk.

I would love to continue to exclusive BF my bub. Im not going to continue to do so though if its going to cause more grief then good, it kind of defeats the purpose.

Ive always done the drain the one boob then if still hungry swap, but usually she was fine with the one.

I also havnt changed or eaten anymore of the usual food and yet her vomiting got extremely worse compared to how it started, and for her to be vomiting excessivly for 3 months is not good for her.

She will be 4 months next week so im not overly phased by starting the solids 2 weeks early if it was helping. She didnt get constipated or anything when introducing them.
Maybe she's got a food intolerance? Try eliminating dairy products from your diet and see if that helps. Stick with BF for now - she's still putting on weight and developing well. And ask for a referral to see a Paediatrician.
It can be kind of frustrating not being able to help her ill be honest to say that.

Im not sure if its the lactose the chemist guy just suggested to give it a try to see if it could be that, so ill try it this weekm at this stage anything is worth a shot.

The solids where working great but after about 4/5 days she started to be sick again.

So im going to try the formula as it was one of the things the hospital website says to try and the chemist guy suggested. Its not the ideal thing i want to do, but if it helps bub then its better to give formula then let her vomit severally all day.

Im just glad you can relate to how hard/stressing it is to find the mirical cure for each different bub.

If this formula dosnt work i might try the Nans formula i think it is for reflux, she just didnt like the taste of the one i bought first which was the s26 reflux one.
I wouldn't be experimenting with different formulas as this stage. If the reflux really is that bad get a Paed review to find out what the problem actually is. Giving her formula will just be a band-aid solution, and may - just like the solids - stop working after a few days. She's not failing to thrive - so she must be absorbing some of the breast milk - and obviously enough to thrive.
Ive got her apponitment with the docs on the 25th should i just wait till then to try something different. The doctor wont do anything and im not sure how long the wait time is for the peads around here.
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