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Starting 3 month old on solids Lock Rss

Just an observation, but the 12-1 feed seems to be the only one which isn't followed by a nap. Have you tried BF her after she wakes up? this gives her a couple of hours to digest the milk.
the 12-1 is during the night she just goes back to sleep during or after the feed and sleeps through till 9-10 or has a feed at 7ish =)
I see smile
Well the big day is finaly come around we get her needles and see the paed tomorrow FINALY! Cant wait to get some answers bub is still vomiting after most feeds even the solids now = / she sleeps a little bit better then before as she dosnt wake for the 12ish feed and sleeps through till 4/5 for a feed, she has been on bottle now though on a lactose one for about a week still no change so its def not lactose. Though now she is bottle fed not breast, which i dont mind my goal was 4 months which is all i was comfortable with. Shes still thriving though we have discovered she hates anything with pea's in it = / usually ends up being spat in the face with it lol Mangos and peach on the other hand she could eat tub after tub. Still have 2 poos today same time every day one half through breakfast and one half way or just before dinner haha.

Still crying and sooking like the world is ending off and on. Shes been trying to get up on her knees and gets extremly frusturated cause she cant figure it out yet.\

I have choosen to start my bub on solids with each meal to help with her vomiting 2 doctors said it was fine.

Ive just been giving her rice cerial to start with has been about 4ish days that ive done it for now no reactions and im wanting to start her on some fruit and veg. Whats the first fruit or veg i should try and how much should i breast feed between or after a feed... First bub so im a little confused on how to start solids fully. I heard pear is good to start incase she gets constipated is this true?

Any suggestions or any ways that you started your bub on solids would be much appreciated = )

i too had to put my DD onto solids at 5 months though.If bub is vomiting then I wouldn't give apples,too acidic.pears are fine,it was the only fruit my DD managed to keep down. Good Luck!!
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