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About to start solids Lock Rss

Need some advice, my son is 4.5 months and i think he is ready for solids. He is fully bf and at times i think hes not getting enough from me, he reaches for my food when i eat and also mimics my chewing.
Sooo i was wondering what would be the best to start him on and how much and how often should i be giving it to him.
And also once thats started how long do i wait before i start increasing the amount in which i give him and how often should i change up the type of food i give him???

Thanks grin
Ive just started my DD on farex rice cereal..... about one teaspoon mixed in with her milk once a day, ive been doing it at breaky after her bottle....

different people do different things that are all good but im going to up her to 2 feeds a day after a week then start her on some pumpkin the week after that

they say to wait 3 days before introducing new foods

good luck smile
I have started mine on solids as she is showing signs. My DD has always had problems bottle feeding so I considered it a natural progression. And we couldn't be happier. smile
You will know what's right for you and your baby.
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