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Does anyone know if Polenta (a.k.a corn starch) is safe to give a 7 month old baby? couldnt find any info on the internet... It makes a very smooth, porridge consistency and the perfect baby food if its safe...
I'd say it would be ok if you were reaslly keen.
But I'd be tempted to wait until 10 months. when it seems almost anything is ok.
don't really have a good reason for that, just think it may be heavier meal to digest. But it is definatley a great alternative to always givng a wheat based food.
I also turned it into finger food by mixing the left overs with grated zucchini, or other green veg (love adding green veg to the diet) and cheese (to bind it) amd baking it. Then cutting it into fingers when cool.
I have given my baby polenta with cows milk and he loves it! he is just past the 6 month stage:)
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