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When to stop bottles? & Give Cows Milk Lock Rss

My little girl will be 1 in 2 weeks time and Im wondering when you stopped giving a bottle and instead introduced a sippy/cup. Did you continue on with Formula or BF? Or did you switch to Cows Milk! Im not really sure what age to stop giving bottles so I would love to know what you did!
I switched all of mine at their 1st birthdays, it was a gradual process that took a few weeks so by 13-14 months they were all off the boob and on cows milk in a sippy cup smile
You can keep giving them formula if you want, or BF, until 2-3 years old so it is a personal choice but I think most people switch over at 1 yr old smile

If it's formula to cows milk then it's fine to switch at 12mths. You might need to change over gradually as some kids don't like the taste. If you're breastfeeding there is no problem or rush to stop with breastfeeds and can have milk in a sippy cup and still have breast at bedtime or on waking for instance.
Hi, my twins will be 1 in a couple of days and have been on cows milk for a couple of weeks now. It was a gradual process for around a month.
They seem to have had no issues adjusting from formula to cows milk. My next step is getting them to drink from a sippy cup which i am in no rush.
Good luck! smile
Hi smile

My DD2 stopped BF (her choice) a couple of weeks ago. Since then we've given her milk in a cup and havent had any problems with it.
there is no need to stop giving bottles, everyone seems to think one is the magic number, mine have all had bottles till over two years,

my one at the moment is still breastfeeding and some bottles during the day, just normal milk
DD went from formula to cow's milk at 10 mths (strictly under GP advice though). Then I only had her on the bottles for about 2 weeks after that before the sippy cup came out grin So she's been a sipper since she was about 10mths old. She doesn't carry a sippy cup around or anything like that (she's 18mths now); but will go to the cupboard and get one out and tell me she wants a drink. She has her drink (of milk, water or extremely watered down 'toddler' juice) and the cup goes straight in the sink.

I don't think there's any specific age that the bottle should 'go' - when u think bub is confident and ready for a cup then give it a whirl. No harm in trying. (Worst case scenario is they figure out how the lid comes off without u watching!)I'm heading into 'big girl cup' territory at the moment......very frustrating trying to explain that when we look at the bottom of the cup everything comes out becasue there's no lid anymore tongue
mine self weaned at around 8-9months from BF to formula sad and i gradually added cows milk to the formula from when they were 11months (like half formula mix and half cows milk) in their bottles. they were both on only cows milk by around 13months give or take.
my DS still has a bottle before bed at 18months, my DD decided she didnt want a bottle anymore at around 17-18months. i dont think theres any rush to get rid of the bottle but i wouldnt be giving all liquids in kids have only ever had milk in the bottle and everything else (water and juice) from a sippy cup or drink bottle. each to their own i only got rid of the formula cuz it was so expensive and my nurse said theres no real benifit after 12months if their food intake is ok. smile
My little one is 2 yrs 4 mths old, and I have decided to stop giving her a bottle (cows milk) when she turns 2 and a half. She drinks so much more out of a bottle than her sippy cups, so I like it that she is getting more fluids. It's going to be a very difficult process. I give her water and juice from sippy cups and regular cups and she has no problem, but in a bottle can drink 300mls of milk within a few minutes. She has never had that amount of milk out of a cup/sippy cup.
I introduced my now 20 month old to sippy cups very early, around 5 months and from around 12 months I started giving her formula in a sippy cup for breakfast. I left Ella on formula until she was about 18 months, one bottle at night then she started asking for a drink of milk and she naturally weened herself off formula and bottles! Goodluck with what ever you try!
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