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chips??? Rss

Does anyone know if hot chips are bad for basbies? My little girl is 8 months and the only way to keep her happy when im eating lunch when we're out is to give her a chip. I've tried giving her a rusk but she wants what i have. What shouldn't i give her?????
i dont know if its bad but my ds is the same and i give him a chip ha loves kfc chips
The only problem with chips for babies, is the same as for us - cooked in fat and added salt. I've given DD a few of my KFC chips when we've been out (as hard as it is to share them as I love them - lol). I brush all the salt off I can and live with the fact I'm giving her some-thing fried. At home I get the oven baked ones, they are about as guilt free as you can get, when it comes to hot chips - lol.

Its all about balace. As long as you aren't feeding them junk 24-7, then what is the harm with a couple of hot chips here and there.

ps KFC Chicken nuggets go down a treat with bubs.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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