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  5. my five month old doesnt take any solids i offer

my five month old doesnt take any solids i offer Rss

i started my 5 month old on solids about 2 weeks ago. This just consisted of baby rice once a day but she hated it and spat it out. After a week of persevering i tried her with sweet potato and she did the same but also starts to cry!! and turn her head away. I then tried banana and she did the same. This has been about 2 weeks now and i dont know what to do. I thought it would just take time but after 2 weeks you would think she would get used to it!!
Any ideas i am getting a bit desperate. I hope she doesnt turn out to be a fussy eater.
You have plenty of time, so don't worry. They say between 6-9 months of age, is the time to start solids so you have a big window of opportunity, so to speak. If I were you, I would skip it for a week - then try again on the rice. Try for a few days, if no luck, give it another week - then try again. Lots of babies take way longer than 2 weeks, like upto 8 months.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi lucyhood

Maybe shes not ready for solids. You could try and have a break for a few days and then start again. My first DD wouldn't eat at all and by the time she was 12 months a tin of baby food would last over a week. It took until she was 3 for her to start eating decent and now at 4 she eats like a horse. As long as shes still happy and healthy i wouldn't stress to much. She'll get the hang of it eventually. Hope i was of help. GOOD LUCK let us now how she goes.

like your other replies, you have got some time on your side for your little one to start to take solids. Even though your baby may look like they want to eat, they may not be developmentally ready for it. Perhaps just have a break for a little while (few days- week) you can make up some small amount of rice cereal and let your baby play with it so they can see what it is and if they are inclined to put everything in their mouth, maybe a bit of cereal may make it in also without a spoon. Try to keep it light hearted and fun, try not to worry if she isn't eating solids as yet. She will....

Hope this helps.
I have a 6 1/2 month old and she's the same. I started her with baby rice when she was 4 1/2 months and since tried everything everybody has recommended, but with no success. I'm now steaming sticks of carrot, potato and sweet potato until it's soft but still hard enough for her to hold it herself and she's happily chewing on that. She doesn't really eat it, but at least she gets the taste for it. You can also give her a lamb chop bone with all the meat cut off to chew on. I think the problem might be that they want to be very independant and do it themselves. I know she eventually will eat, but it's hard not to worry and I also don't really know what to do.
Hope this works and let me know if you have any diff ideas!!

Joletta,VIC,6mth baby

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