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5.5 month old feeding routine Lock Rss

hey everyone, i have a 5 and half month old girl and she is currently having 5x180ml bottles of formula a day. since she was 4 months we had her on ferex once a day after her 5pm bottle. Now i have started giving her the hienze jars (instead of ferex) she eats half a jar per night after her 5pm feed. Im wondering what her feeding routine should be once she turns the moment it is:

7am-730am 180 bottle

10-11am 180 bottle

1-230pm 180 bottle

5-530pm 180 bottle

530pm half a hienze jar

8-9pm 210 bottle

Should i be giving her more solids at 5 and half months?
this is such a great question.. that id like to know too! =D
(sorry im stealing ur subject too!) ahaah
My daughter just turned 6 months old and this is her schedule:
7am - 180ml bottle
8am - breakfast: raffertys cereal (about 3 teaspoons mixed with water) and fruit
920am ish - sleep, normally around 1 and half hours sleep.
11am - 180ml bottle
12pm - lunch - veggies (sweet pot, carrot, pumpkin) followed by fruit
120pm ish - sleep. She usually sleeps until somewhere between 3 and 4pm. She has only just started sleeping this long at this nap. I think it was her way of dropping her late afternoon sleep.
when she wakes up she has another 180ml bottle
5pm -530pm dinner: veggies and fruit
6pm - bath
630pm - 180ml bottle, although it is rare that she has all of this because she has had her solids before her bottle.
7pm bed.

Then she sleeps all night.

Hope that helps
thankyou ladies that has helped me alot smile
My 6 and half month old eats...

She drinks between 100 - 180ml when she has her milk feeds

6am - 180ml bottle
9am - 180ml bottle 1/4 cup yogurt and rice cereal
12 pm - 180ml bottle
3pm - 180ml bottle 1/2 cup (different things normally veggies)
6pm - 180ml bottle
between 9pm and 12pm 180ml bottle
(sometimes a 2am bottle)

Iv offered her more food but she isnt interested than much more than this. she has had a dinner aswell when i first started giving her solids a month ago but this is how much shes eating at the moment.
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