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7 mth old not interested in solids Lock Rss

My 7 month old is not really interested in solids. She takes maybe 2 small tsp twice a day. So strange for me as her older brother and sister started at 4 months and were little piggies. Should I worry? Or not and she'll get there in her own time?
Hi - I had exactly the same situation. DD2 was NOT interested in food at all, and the older 2 were both little pigs from the word go.

I kept offering her solids each day, varied it up a little but didnt bother too much with different flavours as she just didnt seem interested in anything!

Finally at just under 8 mths, she clicked and has been a great eater ever since. So please dont stress, if she is still drinking milk that's her main food source anyway at this age.

They are all different. She will get there smile

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My DD was like that and didn't really get the hang of 3 consistent meals until she was about 9 months old. The MCH nurse said not to worry at all, even though my DD was always on the lower side of weight and we were a little worried about her. At around 9 to 10 months, she just decided she was ready one day and started eating like crazy and has been good since.

We didn't change anything and we still offered her 3 meals a day, the nurse just said she would take what she needed when she was ready and it went well. I wouldn't worry as long as they are still taking a decent amount breast or bottle and not loosing weight.

Sorry, double post

Mine was 12 months... I made the mistake of pushing it too much which turned it into a big deal. Won't do that again! I had to just take a step back and if she wanted to taste what dh & I were having for dinner I'd let her have a taste - kept it casual without the pressure of airplanes and trying to find ways to shove it in her mouth!

She's now a great eater.. and I look back & wonder why I stressed about it so much. smile

Hi my mother in law was surprise that my DS eat quite a lot of solid food and really easy to be fed because my DH is the other way around my DH just started solid when he was nearly 1 year old, he's a fussy eater...
like everyone said don't rush if your baby not really keen on solid yet smile
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