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Suddenly stopped eating? Lock Rss

So ds is almost 7 months. He has had solids since just over 6 months. I first started him while I was staying At my mums for a few days, I just gave him rice cereal for breakfast to start off with and he just loved it! Couldn't get enough of it, then I have him a bit of pumpkin and sweet potato one night and again love it. Then made up some pears to mix in with the cereal...went down a treat.

Then I come back home and all I have in the cupboard is rice cereal. (I hadn't been shipping in ages!) so for a few days he was just having rice cereal for breakfast and dinner. Ate it all without a problem. Then I went shopping and got some veggies and made up a pumpkin, sweet potato and carrot mash, and also some more pears. The first lot of veggies that I gave, he ate a little but no where near as much as what he had been. Since then, which would've been on Thursday, everytime I try and feed him he will take the first spoonful and then that's it. He does this for breakfast and dinner.

I don't know why he has all of a sudden stopped eating food. I know it's not overly important at the moment, so should I just not give him anything and try again later? Or try like finger food? I don't want to force feed him and turn him against food all together.
Hey sweetie wink
Hmmm my lil ones never went off food really (lil oinkers lol)
Maybe give baby led weaning a go there are heaps of sites for it just google it for more in depth guide but basically lil man will take eating on his accord like steam up some pumpkin till real soft and let him go to town tasting and feeling the texture I did blw with the twins and I swear that's why they aren't fussy like de!!
Maybe though it's all new environment again darl and his out of sorts till he use to his surroundings again??
I would just continue offering it smile
Or try baby lead weaning, that is what we did with my DD from the start.

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Miss Willow

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Thanks for that!

I think I will check out blw and give that a go. He won't any troubles putting it to his mouth, seeing that's where everything bloody goes! Even my toes blink
have you tried mixing the vegies into the rice cereal?

have you tried mixing the vegies into the rice cereal?

No I haven't tried that. I might do that now actually. Although this morning I gave him just straight pear and he gobbled it down...I'll try dinner see how we go.
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