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lunch and dinner ideas for 7month old Rss

DS is 7months old and i am now giving him finger food for lunch and dinner as he just wanted to feed himself and wouldnt take anything off me.
looking for some ideas??
hes been having pieces of fruit for lunch and mash for dinner up until now but wont eat dinner most nights as want to do it himself.
I dont now how long he has been on solids for but my little girl started at 4 months so when I started to give her finger foods she would have Grated cheese diced avocado and chicken or ham for lunch and dinner she would have diced cooker vegies that I had pre cooked and froze. Then She started to have to big meal for lunch and dinner so for lunch she would have Diced vegies with either fish fingers (Woolworths brand as had the lowest sodium level) or Baked beans or an omlete or a sausage and for dinner she would have either tuna mararoni or chicken and veg casserol and then eventually spag bowl (All pre cooked and froze)Now she has a ham and cheese sandwhich and a bannana for lunch and what ever we had the night before for dinner smile
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